How Do You Know If It Will Be A Boy Or A Girl?

If you are currently pregnant, you are probably getting plenty of opinions on whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. Almost everyone has a theory on how to tell the sex of the baby. It is one of the most popular topics of discussion, and one that is filled with plenty of myths.

While some are probably true, the chances of getting a boy or girl are 50-50. This means that even the craziest of ways to tell the sex have a 50% chance of being correct.

The baby’s sex is actually determined immediately when the sperm meets the egg. At the point of conception, the baby gets 23 chromosomes from each of its parents. The gender, hair color, eye color, and even intelligence of the baby are usually determined then.

How Do You Know If It Will Be A Boy Or A Girl?
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This is important because your baby’s genitals usually start to develop around the 11th week of pregnancy, although it will take a few more weeks to learn the real sex through an ultrasound. Of course, this doesn’t stop people from wanting to make predictions. Plus there are always cases of ultrasound being wrong.

In this review, we tell you about popular and unconventional ways you can tell whether you are having a boy or a girl. Let’s get started!

The Morning Sickness Prediction

This is a common one, and almost everyone uses it. They say that the severity of the morning sickness determines the sex of the baby you are going to get.

If it’s a girl, they say that your hormone levels will be very high, which causes the morning sickness to be more severe. For boys, it is believed that the mother to be will have a relatively smoother journey.

Well, the truth of the matter is that morning sickness varies from one woman to another, regardless of how severe it is. A study that was published by The Lancet, revealed that women with severe morning sickness during pregnancy were actually likely to be having girls.

Skin Conditions

Most myths say that if you are carrying a girl, she will steal the mother’s beauty, while boys will not cause any acne at all. There are more tales surrounding the concept of hair growth. It is said that boys will cause your hair to appear longer and have more luster, while girls will make it appear dull and limp.

There is really no truth to any of these myths. Hormones are just simply very crazy during pregnancies, and they affect women differently.


People say that with boys, you tend to crave savory and salty foods such as potato chips and pickles, while girls will cause you to prefer your sweet tooth more.

There haven’t been any conclusive studies performed on whether or not food can predict the sex of a child. Cravings probably have more to do with your nutritional needs that keep changing when you are pregnant.

Heart Rate

This is by far, the most common myth about gender predictions. They say that if the baby’s heartbeat is under 140 per minute, then it is probably a boy. If it goes beyond 140, it is probably a girl.

While this sounds more scientific, there isn’t any hard truth behind it. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy published a study that stated that there is really no meaningful difference between the heart rates of a boy and a girl.

How You Carry The Baby

This one is as old as pregnancy itself. Every woman has probably heard this one; if you are carrying the baby low, you are carrying a boy. If you are carrying high, it’s probably a baby girl.

Now, again, there is no truth to this. In fact, how you carry the baby during pregnancy is mostly a result of the shape of your uterus, your abdominal muscles, and your body type.

How Can You Really Tell The Sex Of Your Baby?

The only sure way of knowing the sex of your baby is through an ultrasound. This can be performed between the 18th and 20th week of your pregnancy.

The stenographer will look at the image of the baby on the screen and examine the baby’s genitals. They will be looking for markers that will suggest that the baby is either a boy or a girl. This is usually part of a larger anatomy scan.

However, sometimes the technician may have a difficult time determining the sex of the baby due to a couple of reasons. For example, if your baby is not sitting in the ideal position, it may be hard to tell. You may end up needing a repeat scan to check again.

How Do You Know If It Will Be A Boy Or A Girl?
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While there may not be any truth to these myths, people have been using them for a long time. Because they have a 50% chance of being true, they sometimes do come true. But if you really must know for sure, you should rely on an ultrasound.