How to Watch Soaps on a Cell Phone – Free App

Watching soap operas has become a juicy and entertaining pastime for many people, especially those who love to consuming media content during their free time. In order to enjoy soaps, you must have a penchant for melodrama, sentimentality, and an ensemble cast.

These shows are definitely fun and exciting to watch, especially as you follow the daily life of the characters. Viewers are constantly kept at the edge of their seats as the characters deal with issue after issue that occurs in their extremely eventful lives.

If you want to binge on classic soap operas and modern ones that can be classified as such, you might want to look for options that let you watch soaps on a cell phone. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Watch Soaps on a Cell Phone - Free App

What Exactly are Soap Operas?

As mentioned, these TV series are characterized by the melodrama and sentimentality depicted by an ensemble cast. They were usually shown during the daytime at an age when women were restricted to their homes while men worked. 

These types of shows arose in the 30s and continued to be popular over the years. Because of this, women were the main audience of these shows until they began migrating to nighttime slots. This is when men started seeing these shows but could not openly admit to liking them. 

These TV series have evolved from the stereotypical melodrama as shown in These Are My Children to being more realistic. 

In fact, some scholars recognize that these series can be more than one thing at the same time, which means that the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad can be considered a soap mixed with characteristics of other shows or vice versa. 

Introducing the CBS Mobile App 

Now, there is a variety of platforms that let you watch more modern soaps, but if you are looking to watch classic ones, then the CBS Mobile App is your best bet. 

This application is available on the App Store and Play Store, so no matter what your device is, you can definitely catch these shows. It carries a catalog of CBS shows for the network’s daytime and nighttime programming. 

This includes popular soaps such as The Bold and The Beautiful and The Young and The Restless. Episodes come in high definition and for free

However, you can get an All Access subscription which lets you access a whole lot of premium content. Some shows are subscriber-only, so you might want to consider paying for this premium access subscription.

How to Watch Soaps on the CBS App

Interested in watching your favorite shows straight from the CBS app? Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Search for the app on the download source appropriate for your device.
  2. Tap on the Get or Install icon to initialize download. Wait for the download and installation to finish.
  3. Once done, you just need to launch the app and look for the show you are interested in.
  4. If you find that the title is subscriber-only, then you need to get an All Access subscription. To do this, just choose between Limited Commercials ($5.88 per month) or Commercial Free ($9.99 per month) plans, then select a payment schedule.
  5. After subscribing, you can now enjoy your soap! Keep in mind that the first week is free, so make sure to make the most out of this period.

Additional tip: Get the Commercial Free plan to be able to download videos and play them offline. You can also get the annual plan to save more than 15% off the monthly price for any of the two plans.

How to Watch Soaps on a Cell Phone - Free App


Soap operas are definitely a great way to find entertainment. With the CBS app, you can watch your favorite shows on-demand and on-the-go!