Watch Series Online For Free – Learn How

It’s hard to even remember a world without the internet. In the days when people would use a VCR machine to watch a movie, everyone had to rent a video cassette from a video shop and would be required to take it back when they were done watching it.

That seems like so long ago. Then came the DVD’s, which didn’t seem to last long. Now, although some of these watching methods may still be around, people have almost completely moved away from all that. Where did they go? They moved online.

With the advent of the internet, even owning a TV isn’t really necessary. If you want to watch your favorite movies and TV series, all you need to do is stream them online. In this review, we tell you where you can stream TV series and movies for free.

Watch Series Online For Free - Learn How
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This is a site that gives you access to plenty of TV shows and movies for free. It is owned by Sony and you can trust it in terms of reliability and quality. The site has some of the greatest collections of all TV shows such as Seinfeld, The Shield, Firefly, etc.

Their content is well categorized making it easy for you to find what you are looking for, plus they have no limit to how many videos you can watch. The best part about the site is that it is absolutely free and can be accessed on iOS and Android devices or on your laptop.


This is an online website that lets you watch episode after episode after episode of your favorite TV shows. You do not even need to sign up on the site to start using it. Plus, you can even create a watch list of your favorites and resume all playbacks on any device you are using.

This website has a clean and very neat interface that is outlined clearly with categories such as TV comedies, TV dramas, crime TV, reality, etc. It, however, has a much more extensive selection of movies rather than TV series, but they are still worth a watch.

Yahoo View

When Hulu ended its popular TV streaming platform, it left several people disappointed. Thankfully, Yahoo picked up the role and partnered with Hulu to launch the new Yahoo View site that offers almost all of the content that was previously found on Hulu.

It has an excellent and extensive range of TV series in many different genres such as drama, reality, comedy, documentaries, etc. They also have a kids section where you can stream popular cartoons such as Ben 10, Powerpuff girls, etc.


This is primarily for Indian content and is widely known for its cricket streams and some HBO shows which are available at a reasonable and affordable price. The Indian TV channels such as Like OK, Star Plus, and Star Bharat are free, making it ideal for people who love such shows.

Now, apart from regular TV channels, the site gives you access to free content from National Geographic, FOX Life, and Channel V. Additionally, there are select programs such as MasterChef, Hotstar Exclusives, Malgudi Days, etc.


This is a popular site that started streaming a while back. It offers free TV shows and movies that are legal. There is plenty of content on the site across many different genres such as comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, horror, etc.

If you are a 90’s kid and would love to have some childhood nostalgia, this is where you need to be. It will certainly serve up some good old shows.

They also have a special “staff picks” section with a wide collection of some of the most highly rated movies and TV shows they feel are a must-watch for everyone. The site is clean, free to use, and can be accessed from your Android and iOS devices.

Watch Series Online For Free - Learn How
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The sites we have outlined above are not ranked in any order at all, and you will find something different in each one of them. The key is to find the one site that suits you perfectly when it comes to the choice of TV series and movies.

How amazing is it to just sit back and watch episode after episode of your favorite show? It is certainly a big change from having to wait a whole week to just watch one episode.