Want to Have Beautiful and Healthy Eyebrows? Check Out These Tips to Help

Perfectly shaped eyebrows show personality. We are all aware of how bold eyebrows have become a trend and yet not too long ago, the design industry was dominated by pencil-thin eyebrows. Thicker eyebrows are now in style again. 

In reality, at the silver screens and fashion runways, you will see women wearing them. Eyebrows are one of the most visible aspects of one’s face, the deeper you appear, the better. 

But, we can’t all lay a natural claim to thick eyebrows. Most of us have thin and scanty eyebrows, so to make them thicker, we still scout for remedies. Read this blog to know more! 

Want to Have Beautiful and Healthy Eyebrows? Check Out These Tips to Help
Image source: nyfa.edu

What You Need to Know Before Starting 

You need to find out if your brows are thick enough. Do not panic if you find that your eyebrows’ thickness does not follow those criteria or patterns. 

Also, consider developing thicker brows. Until going to bed, consider using castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil to massage your eyebrows for 3-5 minutes to faster hair growth. 

Furthermore, a healthy diet can work its magic not only on your hair, but also on your entire body-including fish (especially salmon), nuts, raisins, and soy products. It will promote hair growth and make hair follicles healthier. You’re not going to have to wait long to get spectacular results.

Use Vaseline & Oil

To make your hair grow, it needs to be in an atmosphere that promotes hair development. Which means your skin needs adequate hydration and nourishment. 

This jelly is known to create a binding barrier and often holds in moisture to help speed up the natural healing process of your skin. 

In fact, it is rumored that Marilyn Monroe used to use vaseline as her skin savior and ended up with very long facial hair, evidence that it helps grow hair. Just clean and dry the place and apply vaseline three to four times a day over your brows.

Oil encourages hair development, much like vaseline, by forming a moisture-locking membrane. Yet, while increasing cellular metabolism, it also improves circulation. 

Use Growth Serums

If you want to get very clinical, apply a regular serum of brow growth. Lookfantastic, Elizabeth Arden’s Brow Enhancing Serum, contains an exclusive triple peptide complex, supported by vitamins, botanicals, and hair conditioners, to promote the natural growth process of your hair. 

You should find a difference in the volume and strength of your brow-hair within two weeks. 

A less costly alternative is RapidBrow Enhancing Serum, Lookfantastic, a formula that includes protein fortification, peptide stimulation, and nourishing ingredients formulated to help strengthen, improve and rebuild the appearance of your eyebrows in 60 days.

Clean Your Brows at Least Once a Week 

If you begin to see a few strays coming in, take a few minutes to do some fast maintenance. Grab a mirror and a pair of tweezers and mini scissors, and head to a natural light place like a window. 

Natural light makes it easy to spot strays for some reason. Instead, tweeze carefully anything that has spread well beyond your brow region. Just suit your “trained” shaped brows, and just leave it when in doubt! Bear in mind, the most beautiful ones still look unkempt and dirty!

Use Lighter Color Fillers 

Want to Have Beautiful and Healthy Eyebrows? Check Out These Tips to Help
Image source: pixpa.com

It’s crucial to pick a brow product that’s a shade lighter, or even a few shades lighter than your natural hair color, to retain the most natural looking brows

Therefore, the product produces what the eye sees as a “shadow” and the impression of naturally fuller brows is created. You can’t go wrong with a bright light taupe-with all hair colors it appears to be the most attractive. 

The one thing you certainly don’t want to do is attempt to fit the product to the exact color of the brow – your brows would probably look darker and much denser. Over do it just a tad and they will start looking grotesque, overpowering your entire face.


Follow these tips to have a fuller, bolder, more beautiful, and healthier eyebrows. Search for local shops for good moisturizing oils and invest on it!