Tricks for Playing Subway Surfers – Learn How to Play Professionally

Subway Surfers is a fun, and entertaining running game, fit for both kids and adults. You will have a great time exploring the subway in the game, with high quality graphics. Moreover, there are other states for you to explore, and have a thrilling gaming experience.

Subway Surfers has the character running into obstacles that you must avoid to win the game. You should duck, swipe right or left or dodge to avoid being caught by the Inspector and his dog. There are different characters and rewards which you can choose, based on the number of coins.

When you want to be ahead of the guard and earn a high score, there are a few tricks to help you achieve your goal. The game keeps coming up with new features, therefore here are some tricks to keep you at the top of your game.

Tricks for Playing Subway Surfers - Learn How to Play Professionally
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Insight on the Game

Subway Surfers game has different characters such as Jake painting the train with graffiti, and the Inspector catches them in the act. Jake has to run to avoid jail time, and the fun begins when you help Jake escape the Inspector along with different obstacles such as the walls, moving trains, and others.

You will collect coins to unlock new characters and other products such as jetpack and super sneakers while playing the game. There are other rewards such as the mystery box, which might have more coins for you or other materials to aid your run.

This game has more than 3 million downloads, and is highly recommended. It is a fun game free to download on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How to Get the Game

Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for Subway Surfers. Tap on the outcome and wait for the game to download. After the download is complete, tap on install or get to have it on your device. This process will take you a few minutes to finish.

Go back to the home screen and tap on the game. For it to start press on the touch screen, and then the fun begins. You will enjoy playing the game for hours. It gets better when you have new characters with different personalities.

Characters include Yutani, a tech expert, who has different tricks to help you win the game. Jake, on the other hand, is a fast runner and always ready to explore new moves. The game has fun music in the background to keep your mind occupied.

New Tricks for the Game

Jump high using the jetpack at the right time to help your character escape the dangers in the subway. Find the jetpack and then fly up high until the fuel runs out on your style. Then swipe up quickly after you grab the last coin.

The jetpack may land you on a train where you have to move on with the game. The other trick involves purchasing new characters such as Zombie Jake, Cherry hoverboard, Kim and Outback, Nick, and Flamingo, among others.

These new characters have advanced skills. You can also make the jetpack fly like a hoverboard, which is a natural process. Grab a hoverboard and turn it on.

When the hoverboard ends and picks up the jetpack, at the same time, change the direction of the jetpack smoke too.

Tricks for Playing Subway Surfers - Learn How to Play Professionally
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You will need the bouncer hoverboard to do the trick for you. After turning on the bouncer hoverboard, pick up the upgraded jetpack.

Another essential trick is for you to familiarize yourself with all the power-ups available as well as the hoverboards. Grab as many rewards as possible and keep upgrading the multiplier, the jetpack as well as the super sneaker.

Bottom Line

Subway Surfers becomes more fun when you understand the game’s concept and the tricks to earn a high score

This way, you will explore the Subway Surfers world without any obstacles, hindering your objective. These tricks will help you achieve high in Subway Surfers game.