What To Feed A Toddler – Meal Ideas

Before you all but give up on feeding your toddler, we have some meal ideas for you to try out. This is a tricky age. Your toddler is most interested in exploring the world and would be happy to be eating food off the floor as they go along. However, for obvious reasons, parents would prefer that they eat the food on their plate.

Well, don’t throw the towel just yet. Getting into a schedule with your little one can be done. With that, offering them a wide variety of healthy foods can go a long way in ensuring that they are well-fed and healthy.

If you have been having trouble feeding your toddler, this is the perfect article for you. Continue reading to discover toddler food tips and some great meal ideas. 

What To Feed A Toddler - Meal Ideas
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Toddler Food Tips

When preparing their food, ensure you do not use any sugar or salt. Though the food may taste a little bland to you, they really do not know any better, and delaying this for a little while longer is always a good idea.

Also, cook foods until they are well-done. This will make it easy to cut it up into smaller pieces or puree if you wish to do so, especially when it comes to vegetables. Also, the food will be easier for them to digest as it is nice and soft.

Meal Ideas For Toddlers


  • Porridge – you can give the baby some unsweetened porridge or some low-sugar cereal that is mixed with whole milk. Top this off with mashed pear, bananas, or any other fruit you have around the house.
  • Toast with mashed bananas and very smooth peanut butter is a good option. Choose unsalted options and no added sugars. Also, remember to cut the toast into pieces.
  • Toast with slices of tomato or scrambled egg is also a great savory breakfast for your toddler.


  • Lamb cooked with rice. Ensure the lamb is really soft and well done.
  • Cauliflower and cheese that has been cooked with pasta pieces.
  • Black beans with reduced salt and sugar. You can serve this with toast.
  • Scrambled egg with toast or pitta bread. Serve this with some vegetable finger foods.


  • Mashed potatoes with cauliflower and chickpeas.
  • A shepherd’s pie that is made with lamb or beef and vegetables.
  • Mashed peas with rice and some zucchini sticks.
  • A vegetable casserole with minced chicken and mashed potato.
  • Mashed salmon made with couscous and peas.
  • Fish that is poached in milk with broccoli, potato, and carrot.

Finger Foods To Feed Your Toddler

At this age, finger foods are great for the little one, as they not only keep them busy, but they also ensure that your baby is eating most of the time. Here are some finger food ideas that they may enjoy while they continue being the little busy bees they usually are.

  • Soft-cooked vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, and zucchini.
  • Cucumber or carrot sticks.
  • Fresh fruits such as banana, apples, peach or pear.
  • Pitta or toast.
  • Unsweetened and unsalted corn cakes or rice.
  • Strips of meat that don’t have the bones.

How Can You Get Your Baby To Eat Veggies And Fruits?

It may take you a few tries before your child gets used to new flavors and foods with different textures, but be patient. Keep offering new foods to the baby, and include some bitter flavors such as cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.

Here Are Some Ideas

  • Give the baby cucumber sticks, or carrot sticks or some slices of pepper with hummus to snack on.
  • Apple slices that have been topped with a little peanut butter.
  • Mix in some mashed or chopped mashed veggies with potatoes, rice, and meat sauces.
  • Give fresh fruits with plain and unsweetened yogurt.

What Drinks Can You Give Toddlers?

Even after you have weaned the baby, continue giving them breastmilk and formula as their main drink. Whole cow’s milk can be used, but only after the baby is around 12 months old. Semi-skimmed milk can be introduced when the baby is two years old. This is good for their diet.

Full skimmed milk and 1% shouldn’t be given to children who are under the age of five years. They do not have enough calories for the baby. Sugary and fizzy drinks can cause them to have tooth decay even if they are diluted. These also fill your kid up, so refrain from offering this to them.

What To Feed A Toddler - Meal Ideas
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With babies, you must maintain your cool especially during meal times as they can be fussy and frustrating. Almost all parents go through this issue when it comes to feeding their babies, so just hang in there. Try out these meal ideas with your toddler today!