Tips to Identify Whether a Profile on Tinder Is Fake – Learn How

Most of the time spent on Tinder is swiping left and right to find that one person you can vibe with. But people worldwide don’t have the same purpose. Online dating apps have become a potential cheat point because it’s easily accessible and simpler to find people worldwide. 

Fake profiles have always been the problem of every dating site, and even on Tinder too! These profiles often have malicious intentions like taking advantage of anyone monetarily or in some other way out. 

That being said, there are different types of scammers. But you can easily spot bots, scammers, and fake profiles without getting terrified. You must have an owl’s eye to find one, and to help you better, below are some tips and tricks to identify potential scammers.

Tips to Identify Whether a Profile on Tinder Is Fake - Learn How

Some Common Types Of Tinder Fake Profiles 

Specifically, there are four different types of fake profiles seen on most dating apps. 

Normal Fake Profiles By Scammers 

This type of fake profile is relatively harder to catch because they can trick you with their responses. The profile is controlled by a human who can change their replies quickly according to your interest level. 

Often such scammers have specific agenda behind talking to you. They would either try to scam you by talking about your personal life and further using it all for wrong purposes. 


With so many fake Tinder profiles out there, bots are among the common ones. It’s a computer program that tries to enact like a real person and tricks the other person with their messages. 

Initially, the program will send some automated messages. These messages are predicted through specific keywords users use while replying. 

Even though bots are becoming common nowadays, it gets easier to spot one. All you need to do is send some abrupt and short message, and you have spotted it! 


Blackmailers are never a bot; they are humans having conversations for a specific purpose. Initially, they build a rapport and spend days talking to you. Their goal is not to get in a relationship but to get benefits from your personal information

Having said that, they would ask for sexually explicit photographs, and later they threaten the victim. Their main aim is to snatch money through blackmailing. Hence, to be on the safer side, you must never share personal pictures or conversations with anyone on Tinder. 

Dangerous Catfish 

Possibly, this type of fake Tinder profile scammers are the smartest ones, and they don’t play short term games. They often look out for rich people, collect detailed information about them across different sites, and then sets up a plan accordingly. 

Unlike blackmailers, they will try to have a proper relationship with you and have meaningful deep conversations. They will slowly get all the information, like school and college life, workplace issues, and property lists. 

Later, after building a good bond, they will ask for access to all the assets and properties and would end up deceiving you. 

Some Key Signs To Identify Fake Tinder Profiles 

Most of the fake Tinder profiles often try to attract people with revealing photos. Showing skin on online dating sites is acceptable, but there is some problem when all the pictures are nearly photographic. 

Such profiles often stole identities from Google, and you can easily find it by lasting it on Google reverse image search. Other than this, it would be best if you also looked after essential information of the user in their bio.  

Like their high school name, hobby, and their age. Tinder allows users to sync other social media networks, and if the other person doesn’t have any, you have spotted the profile. 

Lastly, some people often try sending Messages leading to URLs for scam purposes; never click on it! Now when you have spotted a fake Tinder profile, the next step is to save yourself and the community. For this cause, you can try to unmatch the account or report the account.

Unmatching The Account 

You can unmatch an account, but you will never get access to the same account after that. They will try to fraud others; hence it’s better to report them beforehand. 

To unmatch any account, open the chat, locate the ellipse icon (For Android), flag icon (For iOS) and click on Unmatch.

Reporting It

You don’t need to match to an account to report it. If you spot any fake account while swiping on Tinder, report it so that the team looks after the situation. Just locate the triple dots on your display, and select Report. Choose a reason why you want to report that account, and that’s all! 

Some of the above scammers are incredibly easier to spot. They are either semi internet illiterate, and they somehow fall into conversation cracks. But the most important thing here is finding clues between the lines and being vigilant.

Tips to Identify Whether a Profile on Tinder Is Fake - Learn How


You must swipe right to an account that feels and seems real; in this case, you can trust your gut.  Generally, if you look after the above given typical signs, you can easily avoid scammers or bots. 

However, being cautious is in your hand. Make the best use of every app feature, like swiping right, reporting, or unmatching, and enjoy your Tinder journey!