Tips on Renting Baby Gear While Travelling

There is nothing more fun than travelling light. Travelling is meant to be fun as you get to new and exciting places without having to worry about lots of luggage to carry. When you are travelling with a baby, it’s already too much on you. How much more if you added baby’s gear?

Depending on what part of the world you want to travel to, there are companies that rent out baby gear. There is no reason why you should carry your car seat, baby swings, play mats, toys, etc. 

Carrying a bag or two is already overwhelming, so let the worry of baby play things be transferred to someone else. You want to try out this service? Learn the tips below.

Tips on Renting Baby Gear While Travelling
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Why Rent Baby Gear?

Depending on how far you are travelling and how many kids you have, carrying all their play, sleeping and safety equipment can be quite an experience. 

Imagine having to carry baby furniture like changing tables, strollers, travel cot or crib, bathtubs, etc,  in addition to your luggage and the kids themselves. This is a daunting task and that’s why some companies have come up with the idea to rent these items to travelling parents.

This helps you to travel light, and not to worry about your things getting spoilt in transit or the possibility of forgetting them. I mean, aren’t kids enough reason to make you forget these things? Before you rent any baby items from any place you travel, you might want to consider these tips.


For most people, this is the first consideration before they purchase or rent any item. You want to compare different prices around and settle with one you are comfortable with

Some already established brands will probably be selling similar baby items at a much higher cost, because you are paying for the brand too. If you are obsessed with brands, then cost might not be an issue to you.

But if you all you want are a baby items regardless of the brand, provided they are in good shape, then you should opt for that. Depending on how long you are renting the items, some companies will give you at a reduced price for a longer period of time.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews lately are one of the recommendations for choosing an item or service. Visit a company’s website and see what past clients are saying about the company

If a number of reviews are negative, for instance, if most clients say the company offers old equipment, are expensive, have poor customer care and the equipment are dirty, then you might want to try elsewhere. Why would you opt for a company which doesn’t meet its clients’ desires?

Agree on the Quality

Some companies will upload beautiful and good quality items on their websites and yet get poor quality ones in reality. Before you can make any transaction, first confirm with the company the exact item you need as seen on their website. 

Agree in terms of brand, quality, size, style etc. Don’t compromise on your standards in case the company delivers poor quality items.

Tips on Renting Baby Gear While Travelling
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Confirm Where and When for Delivery

First confirm with the company when they will deliver the rented items and where. If you agree on them delivering before you arrive, then ensure your hotel or airbnb is notified. 

Let the company also let you know whether you will incur other charges like delivery or pickup fee.

Review Online Images and their Installation Instructions

Check what equipment the company has on their website. Request for an online installation instruction or user manual to ensure you know how to put it together. 

You have to be comfortable with the brands the company has and if not, then move to the next company. If you have issues with certain brands, there is no reason why your baby should tolerate the brand yet you are paying for it. Some companies use poor quality materials that react with the baby’s skin.

Bottom Line

If you are a frequent traveler and have one or more babies, you don’t have to travel with all their safety, bathing, playing and sleeping items. There are companies, depending on which part of the world you are travelling to, that rent out baby items. 

But before you rent them, consider the cost, customer reviews, confirm place of delivery and check the equipment’s installation instructions.