This Is the Most Downloaded Breastfeeding App – Learn How to Download

Maternal care plays a pivotal role in the growth and overall development of babies right from birth. The world has become so hi-tech that mommy’s out there gotten more advanced, and can keep track of all with an app. 

Baby Tracker. Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn is a trendy application that proves to be too much of a good thing for the supermoms. It is a multi-featured application covering all the baby activities in a day, from sleep tracking to breastfeeding.  

It is such a relief, especially for working women with one foot in the office and the other in their baby’s life. Here is everything that one must know about this currently desired app to embrace motherhood with bells on.

This Is the Most Downloaded Breastfeeding App - Learn How to Download

Top Features of the App

Being a First Time Mom is a task that brings a lot of exhaustion, stress, and challenges to the motherhood journey. Regardless of the hardships that one faces, it is an experience bound with love and creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. 

Some of the miraculous features of the app listed below will bring a mother’s tensions at ease.

Breastfeeding and Food Eating Tracker

The app allows tracking for the number of times a baby has been fed by each breast or by both the breasts in a day. Apart from it, one can record the feeding time in a slot and compare its frequency in further intervals of time.

Once the baby is adapted to bottle feeding, there are segments where one can add the amount of milk consumed. Additional information to be annexed includes the variations in milk consumption, its quantity, and how it’s affecting the baby’s growth.

Diaper Habits

Using the app, it is easy to note down the numbers on the clock when a baby wears a diaper or when the diaper is wet, dirty, or both. A mother can also make a list of how many diapers used per day or in a week and can set a reminder for changing the diapers. 

Sleep Cycles

Fulfilling the fact that sleep is an essential feature of a baby’s healthy growth and metabolism, the app also maintains a proper sleep cycle for little ones. 

Besides, adjusting the sleeping timers according to when the baby wakes and is ready for another nap is also possible.

Sometimes, when amidst the rush of life, one forgets to keep all this in mind, setting up reminders through this app that will pop up on the notification bar is a blessing in disguise.

Medical Aspects

Some newborns are prone to various diseases and comparatively require more attention to their medical needs. 

As the key to your baby’s well-being lies in one’s hands, using this app, it is easy to maintain temperature checks, medications routine, and keeping a record of pediatrician’s visits.  

The visual illustration of the same is given below in the baby feeding table.

Date: 29/12/2020Day: Tuesday   
3 AM15/20 W/D 
4 AMX 


Some other unique elements of this app involve multiple logging and tracking activities for Twin babies. For twin babies, one can manage two accounts for each of them. 

Other than this, The Baby diary has all the know-about of height, weight, and bath activities of the tiny tots. The app also provides insight into graphs and charts, which makes the user understand things better.

How to Download the App

Baby Tracker. Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn. is a parenting application that is easy to download and is available on the Android platform. 

The app is completely free to download, but in-app purchases are also available for accessing special features and an advertisement-free experience. 

You can easily download the app from Google Playstore and through Windows 7 or upgraded versions on your laptops, tabs, and smartphones. 

This Is the Most Downloaded Breastfeeding App - Learn How to Download

The Bottom Line

Becoming parents is a journey full of new experiences that bring great moments of both distress and happiness. As a mother, one always intends to choose the best out of best for a child in nourishment and care. 

The app detailed above will present comfort with expertise in handling a baby’s sleep cycles, breastfeeding habits, medicinal needs, and other aspects for everything to be sound and blissful.