These Are the 10 Most Common Questions at Each Stage of Pregnancy – Find Out Here

Pregnancy is one of the most unpredictable times in a woman’s life and it is usually filled with all sorts of pregnancy questions and worries. And those worries double up for new mums, and even with the library of pregnancy books, not all questions can be answered.

The worst part is not knowing whether what you are feeling is as a result of your pregnancy, or just your body being normal. So, most women tend to keep their doctor on speed dial, and WebMD on their web browsers at all times.

But, there are some common questions that pertain to pregnancy that almost all women tend to have on their minds, and in this review, we take a look at 10 of these questions and answer them simply for you. Please note that this shouldn’t be a substitution for your doctor’s advice.

These Are the 10 Most Common Questions at Each Stage of Pregnancy - Find Out Here
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How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is different for each woman. Some women can tell they are pregnant in just 5 days, while others could find out 6 months in. Yes, there are all sorts of situations taking place in the world today. 

In fact, just the other day, a woman went to get her kidney stones removed and found out that she was pregnant! She actually went back home with a baby. But the most common signs of pregnancy are; missed periods, tender breasts, new cravings, a heightened sensitivity to smells, a heightened sense of nausea, etc. 

If you suspect that you are pregnant, a home pregnancy test will do the trick for you, and once you confirm that you are indeed pregnant, you must see a doctor immediately so they can put you on folic acid, and other drugs you may need.

Can I Drink Alcohol when Pregnant?

This is a common question. For most people, it’s a big no. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), a safe level of alcohol while pregnant hasn’t been established yet. It’s best to keep away from the booze

This is because alcohol is associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which makes the baby have an unusual facial appearance. 

Which Activities Should I Avoid while Pregnant?

There are very few activities that should be avoided while pregnant. You can actually get away with most things except water-skiing, scuba diving, and skydiving. These are forbidden as they have a high possibility of injury and even death. 

Can I have Sex while Pregnant?

Yes. You most certainly can have sex while pregnant. Only when a doctor advises you not to as it may threaten a miscarriage or premature rapture should you stop. 

Why do I Feel So Tired?

Being tired and feeling fatigued while pregnant is normal especially in the early months, the first and second trimesters. This is usually attributed to the hormonal changes that are associated with pregnancy and they can lead to a massive increase in cardiac output. 

The good news is that when you enter the third trimester you will start to feel normal again.

Can I still Breastfeed if I’ve had Breast Implants?

This depends on whether you’ve had silicone or saline implants, and whether or not they are below or above the muscle. Most women who’ve had implants choose not to breastfeed, but breastfeeding is really not hindered by implants.

The fact that implants pose a risk to the baby is still a big debate. 

How Long Should I go beyond the Due Date?

For most women, their delivery is usually delayed, and it is one of the meanest tricks on women many pregnant women will tell you. Pregnancy is usually around two hundred and eighty days or at least 40 weeks. 

If the period goes beyond the normal, doctors have ways of inducing labor, so you shouldn’t worry about this. Just work with your doctor. 

What does Labor Feel Like?

Labor is the process of having repetitive contractions in your uterus that lead to the onset of the delivery process. It will hurt. But the most amazing thing is that once the baby is born you will forget just how painful it was. 

Should I have an Epidural when Giving Birth?

This is a hard question to answer as most women make the decision when they are in labor. Many women deliver babies without epidurals, but if there is time and you want to have one, you should go ahead and do it. There is nothing wrong with this, but again, discuss it with your doctor beforehand. 

How Long will the Delivery Take?

Wouldn’t we all want to know? Every pregnant woman thinks about this, worries about it, and dreams of it taking a second. But delivery varies from one woman to another, and we cannot say for sure how long it may take you to deliver your baby.

It can take as little as one hour or 30 minutes while others may take hours. 

These Are the 10 Most Common Questions at Each Stage of Pregnancy - Find Out Here
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We hope we have waylaid some of your most potent pregnancy queries. All you need to remember when you are pregnant is that many women have gone through it and come out great, so you will too. But above all, keep in constant communication with your doctor so you can have a solid plan in place.