The little one is sleeping, eating, and now what is next? Diapering :-)

Yes, today’s subject is “Diapering’.

Newborns may use 10 or more diapers a day; meaning the new parents spend long time on changing their baby – especially at the beginning 🙂 After couple of days / weeks, changing becomes easier; but it may be really hard at the beginning… My boys loved to pee when we were changing them – I think this is the fact for many babies… So, the point is: the faster you become the less of a chance that you will end up with pee everywhere 🙂 I’m sure there are many videos on YouTube on changing the babies – so I will not go into the details…

One thing that I can tell you about this is this: if your baby needs to be changed regularly – this is a good thing. It shows that, everything is working fine in your little baby’s body. Since they cannot talk and tell us what they need or how they feel, we must use whatever they can ‘produce‘ to understand their needs…

Here’s the main items that you will need to consider buying before the little one coming home. Usually hospitals give some of them as gifts on the discharge day, but still it’s better to be prepared.

A. Diapers
1.    Diaper Types
-Disposable Diaper
-Cloth Diapering
2.    Diaper storage
3.    Diaper Pails( Diaper disposable system)
4.    Diaper Organizer

B. Wipes
1.    Wipe Warmer

C. Creams
D. Changing Pads
E. Diaper Bags
F. Other
1. Swim Diapers
2. Organic Diapering Products

As you know, once I will finish listing all the important items for a newborn / baby I will start giving details for each section / sub-section. I believe, in a week or two, you will have the whole list. So, please bookmark this page and don’t forget to come back 🙂

I have added a new page to my site – which will have the whole list for your baby. It may be easier to go directly that page if you only need the list…. Here it is : what baby needs?

However, please don’t forget to check my other posts; there’s much more in them 😉