Teaching Safety to Preschoolers – Best Tips

Children can be fun to be around.  As a parent, the time you spend with your little one before you resume work is irreplaceable. You want to see your child’s every milestone and be present for them. However, at some point, you have to leave them in the hands of other people as you resume work.

The first factor you consider before you entrust your child to other people is their safety. No parent wants to come home to an injured or sick child. Therefore, ensure the concerned people have basic first aid knowledge and the environment is safe for children.

Also a parent or care giver can teach the children how to keep safe. Learn how below. 

Teaching Safety to Preschoolers - Best Tips
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Mind Your Language

The language that you use to teach your 4-year old child will make the difference between adhering to your rules or just defying them. As you teach them not to just cross the road, explain to them that maybe the driver won’t see them and may knock them.

This is opposed to telling them that when you cross the road you will be knocked and die. Children at this stage are exploring and might just want to ‘try and see’ if they will actually die when they cross the road like the mum said. 

When they realize you ‘lied’ to them, they might doubt everything you tell them in future and no parent wants that. 

Tough Love

Children love exploring. Therefore, when you stop them from doing something, they will want to find out on their own. If they defy your safety measures, give them one warning. The next time they disobey you, it is time to act as a parent–be tough. 

For instance, if you tell your child playing from outside the house is not bad, running on the street or outside the gate is bad and they do just that, warn them. 

The next time they defy you, have them play from the house and not even moving out. They should appreciate that every action has consequences. They either listen and follow what you teach them or they face consequences. Let them know you actually love them and don’t want to hurt them.

Safety Games and Rehearsals

Children love fun and play. If you want them to master some safety tips, develop a game and have the kids play it. Have them rehearse the game so you know they mastered it. Ensure to mix easy safety tips with the most difficult ones so they balance them. 

Ask safety questions and whoever answers gets a reward. For example, what would you do if a stranger called you outside the gate? What would you do if your playmates run to the streets? If they answer in an inappropriate way or are not sure, help them out and have them repeat after you.

Teaching Safety to Preschoolers - Best Tips
Image source: Youtube


Teach Them to Listen to Their Instincts

Teach your children to learn to listen to that inner voice. Let them know it is their ‘guardian angel’ and should learn to listen to it. Knowing safety rules is not enough but they should also learn to listen to their inner voice. 

The voice will teach the child dangerous scenarios like walking on the streets, entering a stranger’s car, receiving gifts from strangers, etc. 

Safe VS Unsafe Environment

Let your child understand safe and unsafe environments where they can play. They should not play near the river, lake, swimming pool, on the street, under parked cars, stairs, near barbed wires, etc. 

Also, teach them what to do in case something potentially dangerous happens like a glass or bottle breaking, or when they get lost in a store, etc. Street safety is important when they start going to school. 


Preschool children are at an exploring and discovery stage. If parents and day care people don’t teach these little ones safety tips, it might get out of hand. 

They might want to try everything including dangerous scenarios. Safety is key at this stage and it’s important they know what you expect of them regarding their safety.