Taking a Road Trip with a Baby – Things to Remember

So let’s say you have to make a road trip to see your old parents, attend a function or even for fun and yet you have a baby. How will you plan for it? The factors to consider are the supplies you need, changing of diapers, baby routines, crying and the anxiety that comes with all this.

If you have another person you are travelling with, then the anxiety is lessened as they can help as you drive. Anxiety is at its highest if you are driving with the toddler at the back seat, just the two of you. 

As much as driving with a baby is generally a daunting task, we have compiled tips for you to make it more comfortable and fun. Read on.

Taking a Road Trip with a Baby - Things to Remember
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Get Prepared

This seems like an obvious point, but isn’t. When you are going to travel with a baby, you will need to pack enough baby supplies that include diapers and wipes. Also, designate a spot in the car and organize it by putting either a heavy blanket to create a sort of platform for diaper changing. 

Organize the baby’s feeds such as formula, frozen breast milk. You will also need extra clothes for you and the baby in case the ones you have on get messy.

Other things to prepare are lots of water because you’ll need it. Also have your phone fully charged and carry your charger. You don’t want to be stranded, in case of an emergency. Don’t forget baby’s toys to keep him or her entertained or they will be up throwing tantrums and wailing uncontrollably.

Be Flexible

One thing you must do when driving with a baby is flexibility. Although some people have their favorite stop overs when driving on a certain route, when you have a baby its different. It’s the baby that dictates when you should stop, regardless of the spot. 

For instance, when the baby wants to feed, you have to stop. The same applies to changing diapers, when the baby starts crying, etc. As you make these stop overs, you can use them to use the restroom, stretch a bit, buy food, etc. 

Also, you might think you are driving straight for, say 8+ hours till you get to your destination. But with a baby, you have got to leave room for adjustments. 

What if he baby gets tired and starts crying uncontrollably?  This will force you to make a stopover and spend a night in a hotel or motel. Sometimes, you just can’t keep driving because either the baby is irritable and will want to get out of that car and breathe fresh air.

Pack Lots of Snacks

You will need to pack lots of snacks in case you don’t have to stop to buy food. Remember on this trip, the baby dictates when you stop. So when it is sleeping you don’t want to stop anywhere until it wakes up and needs to feed or change diaper. 

You might find where you stop, but there are no places to buy food and/or snacks. Therefore, you want to pack enough. Some of the easy snacks to pack are fruits, biscuits, vegetables, sandwiches, dry snacks, nuts, etc.

Be Cautious About Driving at Night

It is easy to assume the baby is likely to sleep more at night as you drive, but it might turn out different. If you have to make that 90-miles stretch, chances are the baby will keep waking up in turns and you will be lucky to put it back to sleep after feeding and cleaning. 

Worst case scenario is if the baby develops a fever and you need to go to the hospital or medical facility. You don’t want getting stranded at night with a sick baby because you can’t locate the medical facility. 

Also, should you need any other help, it’s hard to get it at night than it is during the day. Therefore, it is advisable to make those long trips with a baby during the day.

Taking a Road Trip with a Baby - Things to Remember
Image Source: Motherandbaby


Have an Older Person Travel with You

You are safer travelling with an older person than alone with just a baby in the backseat. Have someone to look at the baby as you drive and tell you what is happening in case the baby starts crying. 

It can be an older sibling, a nanny or a friend taking care of your little one. This stops you from making frequent pull overs to see why he is crying.

Last Remarks

Driving long distances with a baby is no mean feat. A trip estimated for about 8 hours could end up taking 12 + hours when a baby is involved due to frequent stop overs you have to make to change diapers, feed the baby, take him out for fresh air, etc. 

You will need to prepare for it by having enough baby supplies, packing extra clothes for you and the baby, enough water and snacks and asking a friend or any older person to travel with you.