Sure Start Maternity Grant – How To Apply Online

If you are a low-income soon-to-be mom getting tax credit benefits, then you could also qualify for a Sure Start Maternity Grant. It is a one-off grant that is tax-free and is used to help women with the cost of maternity and a new baby.

To qualify for this grant, this must be your first pregnancy. If you have already had children, but this is the first time you are expecting more than one child like twins or triplets, you can also apply.

You must also be receiving one of the following – income-based allowance, income support, state pension credit, income-related support and employment allowance, child tax credit, universal credit and working tax credit. Up next we’re going to give you more details on the grant.



Sure Start Maternity Grant - How To Apply Online
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How Much Do I Get With The Sure Start Maternity Grant?

The grant is usually £500 if you are having one child, or twins. If you are having triplets you will receive £1,000. If however you already have twins, you do not qualify for the grant, but, if you have twins and are expecting triplets, you will get £500.

When To Apply

You can make a claim anywhere from 11 weeks before the birth of your baby, up to 6 months after giving birth. You can also do this from the date of adoption, guardianship or appointment. 

The adoption date should reflect when the parent took responsibility for the child. If you are waiting for a decision and you qualify for benefits or entitlement, then you should ask for the child tax credit award so you can review it.

If you make the claim before your baby is born, you must sign the certificate found on page 10 of the SF 100 form. This must be signed by either a hospital doctor, a GP, a health visitor or a midwife. 

They should confirm that they have provided you with advice on the welfare and health of the unborn baby, and maternal health as well.

How To Apply

You should go online, and print the SF100 form, and fill it out with all your personal details. You can send it via post free of charge.  

The free post address is the main Sure Start Maternity Grant postal address, but you can also take it to the local Jobcentre office, or mail it to the Freepost DWP SSMG address. This doesn’t require a stamp or postcode either.

If you do need help with the claim form, you can call them on 0800 169 0140. 

Where To Send Your Application

For you to claim, you must complete a form SF 100 from Sure Start and send it to the address below.

The Mail Opening Unit

Limavady JBO

9 Connell Street


BT49 4AN

You will get a letter that tells you whether you claim was successful. If you usually receive a universal credit, you will not receive a decision on the claim until after the next payment has been made. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Grant?

It takes anywhere between 7 and 10 working days to receive the money in your bank account. The first response you receive will be a text message, which tells you that in 10 days, you will receive the money.

Sure Start Maternity Grant - How To Apply Online
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There are plenty of expenses associated with a newborn baby, and having an SSMG grant can really save you plenty of cash. If your grant is denied, you can appeal through the Social Support and Child tribunal. You willl however need to first ask for mandatory reconsideration before you can appeal.