Subway Surfers: How to Win Special Characters


Subway Surfers is a fun running game where the game character has to run away from the Inspector and his dog. The action happens in the subway, where there are different obstacles such as moving trains, subway walls, and other barriers.

The game is more fun when you collect coins, mystery boxes, and other rewards while still on the run that guarantee new items and characters. The game is about survival, escaping the Inspector, and exploring the subway world.

After unlocking the new characters, they have different skills and make the game more fun. However, you must know the steps on how to win these characters for your game play. Mastering the content can be hectic, but here is an ultimate guide for winning new characters in the game.

Subway Surfers: How to Win Special Characters
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Subway Surfers Game Overview

The Subway Surfers video game starts when you tap on the touch screen, and your starter character Jake sprays graffiti on a train. The avatar is caught in the Inspector and his dog’s actions. Your role is to help this character find a way out from the subway.

While running, you have to swipe left or right, up and down to avoid different obstacles. Other essential features include the ability to deck or dodge. When you swipe, the speed increases, so as the points for the game. When you hit an obstacle or are caught, it is game over, and you have to start all over.

The game is more fun since it involves different rewards such as new characters, coins, mystery boxes, keys, super sneakers, and jetpack. You can unlock new players with various advanced features when you meet the set standards.

Mastering the content to unlock these new players is not a challenge; therefore, you are guaranteed more fun. The game is highly compatible with mobile, and once you download it from Google play store, enjoy playing it on your phone from any part of the world.

There are different unique characters in this game, all with unique features. You are in control of the game, choosing the one that meets your expectations. What makes this game more unique is its excellent graphics and coloring. You will have fun exploring the subway world.

How to Win Special Characters

The characters have unique designs, and once you get a new role, you can purchase other items for them. The process of inning these characters is straightforward since all you need is enough coins. You can collect the coins on the game play or after receiving the mystery box and unlock it to find more coins.

Moreover, you will get a new character once you win the first round and get to another city. Each city introduces a new role. The easiest way has enough gold coins to purchase new  characters.

The game developers have introduced the craziest competitions, and when you win, you will have a new character based on your subway surfers design added to the gameplay. This challenge is a unique opportunity to get the avatar based on your imaginations.

Such opportunities are also an excellent way to win a new character for the game. This game allows you to be a creative thinker and deduce new moves that you can apply in real life.

Subway Surfers: How to Win Special Characters


Subway Surfers Characters

Jake is the leader and the spirit of the game. This avatar is confident, restless, charming, and always dreaming of the best next thing to do. Enjoy playing the game with Jake as your avatar and witness his immense love for the street of art.

Tricky is a good friend with an analytical mind that makes her the brainier of the surfers. She strives for perfection in every move she makes. Fresh, on the other hand, is a highly intelligent introspective player.  Fresh speaks with the boombox and holds the surfers together. 

Yutani is a tech genius and creates new ways to explore the world. Science is her obsession, and at times she believes to be from another planet.

The Bottom Line

Subway Surfers characters have unique features; therefore, the first step to winning new characters is identifying their strengths. After collecting enough coins, you can purchase new characters. 

When you win the first level, you will have an opportunity to explore other cities and get new characters in each town. Kids and adults can totally enjoy this game together.