SSS Maternity Benefit – Learn How to Apply Online

If you live in the Philippines and work in private or professional or even informal sectors, you should already be a member of the Social Security System – SSS. This is a state-run social insurance program that offers plenty of benefits such as maternity and salary loans.

Like most other government benefit agencies, they have a website and an app you can use to apply. Their online portal is very easy to use, and it allows the SSS members to have exclusive and safe access to their membership records and contributions.

You can also do online transactions and set up appointments with the nearest SSS branch. However, the SSS members and company employers are required to register first. Read further to know how you can apply and what to expect from this service.

SSS Maternity Benefit - Learn How to Apply Online
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How to Apply for the Maternity Benefits

Notifying the SSS that You are Pregnant

This should be done within 60 days of confirming your pregnancy. Just ensure to keep the SSS-approval and maternity acknowledgement notification document as this is the document you will use for reimbursement.

You can notify them of your pregnancy through the following ways.

  • Through your employer, if you are employed.
  • Through the nearest SSS branch if you are a voluntary member.
  • Filling in the SSS maternity notification form on the website.
  • When notifying them, you should attach your proof of pregnancy, which includes an ultrasound result, and two valid IDs, and both should have the signature.

Apply for the Reimbursement

This should be done before you take your maternity leave, if you are employed, and after you have delivered if you are self-employed.

The reimbursement can be filled at the nearest SSS branch. If you have already given birth, you have 10 years to file the MAT2.

When will You Receive the SSS Benefits?

If you are employed, the benefit will be sent in full by your employer, if you qualify within the first 30 days from the date of filing the maternity leave application. The SSS will then reimburse the employer 100% upon receipt that they made the payment.

For the maternity benefits, all employers are required to enrol in the bank program – sickness and maternity benefits. The reimbursements are usually deposited to the member’s bank accounts in an SSS accredited bank.

If you are a voluntary member or self-employed, your maternity benefits shall be paid directly through your single savings account under the SMB-PTB.

In case you don’t have a bank account, the SSS will send you a letter or introduction which you will have to present at the nearest accredited bank of your choice, for the purpose of opening a savings account.

How Much will You Recieve?

The computation is of the total amount based on the monthly salary credit or your SSS contribution. The monthly salary refers to the compensation that is based on contributions and benefits that are related to the total earnings per month.

The maximum compensation as of January 2014 was P 16,000. The higher your MSC is, the higher the amount you will get. However, before you start doing the computations yourself, there are a few things you need to understand about the MSC.

If your monthly pay is P 20,000, and you have been paying P 1,760 each month as your SSS contribution, then the MSC credit you will receive will be P 16,000. This simply means that even if you receive an income of around P 30,000 and make a P 100,000 contribution, you will still receive P 16,000.

On the other hand, the minimum is P 1,000 for members who have an income between P1, 000 and P 1,249, and who contribute at least P 110 each month. For a normal delivery, the lowest benefit amount is also P1, 000, and P 1,300 if you are having a cesarean delivery.

SSS Maternity Benefit - Learn How to Apply Online
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Applying, qualifying and computing the SSS maternity benefits are the most common questions when it comes to SSS inquiries. We have tried to design a comprehensive guide on how you can qualify for these benefits, how you can apply for them, and even the maximum and minimum amounts you can receive.

Ensure to follow all of the requirements in order to receive the benefits as fast as possible. If you are not already a member of the SSS, please register as quickly as possible, so you can become eligible for the benefits.