Spyzie – Use the Service to Track Your Child’s Phone Activity

Spyzie is a cellular phone tracker for parents who want to keep an eye on what their children are doing with their phones. This can also be used by people who are wary of what their partner is doing and who they are talking to, but it is mainly advertised as a parental monitoring device. It provides a lot of features, so let’s look at it properly.

Spyzie is a powerful web-based telephone monitoring system that enables parents to track their children in order to make sure that they are being safe.

When used to track an Android phone or tablet, after a quick setup process, it helps you collect information from the target Android device. The tracked data can be accessed remotely from any of your own mobile phones, tablets, or computers as long as they are linked to the internet.

Spyzie - Use the Service to Track Your Child's Phone Activity
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Why You Need This

The kids of today are truly advanced, and they tend to be doing something or the other online every time. They mix with people, talk to people, and make new friends, but they may also have some issues in the process. There have been instances of intense cyberbullying online as well as threats from sexual predators.

Children are often exposed to adult content that may not be suitable for them. Some people can seek to control their minds for their own good. And this is why keeping an eye on your kids is always the right decision. You need to realize that privacy is required, but keeping an eye on it doesn’t steal that privacy.

Sypzie for Parents 

You may be concerned about your kids and how much time they spend online if you are a parent. One of the main reasons parents use the Spyzie premium app is to make sure their kids are free from sexting, online predators, cyberbullying, location tracking, disclosure of personal information, and more.

Spyzie provides a dashboard where parents can monitor dangerous activities, including inappropriate images. In 2019, bills were passed by the US government, Australia, and Britain to set up an abusive cyber activity registry, criminalizing such assaults. Spyzie is a cost-effective way for parents to prevent such dangers from harming their babies.

How to Use Sypzie 

Spying on Social Media 

Every parent wants to know how their kids use social media, but kids don’t tell us this kind of thing. You can monitor social media like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Post, Tinder, Skype, Kik, Viber, and more. Know who they are talking to and what they’re doing on just about every forum.

Spying Through Location Tracking

Spyzie is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to know their kids, spouse, or employees. It can keep track of a device’s real-time location and comes with apps for geo-fencing. To find out where the unit is, simply open the “location” tab on the dashboard.

Spying Through Screenshots Taken in Real-Time

This Android phone tracker software lets you take the target phone’s screenshots in real-time, given it’s turned on anyway. The dashboard has a capture button and shows old screenshots.

Spying Through Call Records

When you want to know who your friend or kids are referring to then Spyzie will do that. This surveillance software lets you have full target system call logs.

Step-by-Step Process 

Building a Spyzie Premium Account

Sign up from Spyzie’s official website using a valid email address and buy a Premium Plan or the Ultimate Version. Follow the Setup Wizard to fill in the relevant details.

Download the Spyzie App on the Computer or Mobile

Gain access to the target computer (in this case, an Android phone) once you’ve checked your account.

Go to the Settings Protection tab and trigger ‘Unknown Sources.’

The Setup Wizard will then provide you with the connection for downloading the app. Open your browser and then follow the connection. It will download the APK file, and you will be informed that the installation has been a success.

The icon of the app will now be available on the homepage of the target user. Open with your username and sign in.

Sign the User Agreement and activate the Admin service.

Sign in on the Dashboard

Once the installation on the target system is complete, simply return to your own phone or machine. Complete the setup process and move yourself to the dashboard. Let it sync for a couple of minutes and then you’re done!

Your dashboard will continue to receive new data for as long as the target system is linked to the internet. Completing the setup process will automatically remove the program from the target phone’s homepage.

Spyzie - Use the Service to Track Your Child's Phone Activity
Photo credit: spyzie.com


Your children’s variety of options on the internet is sometimes alarming. That is why, if you want your kids to be protected, start by downloading this app.