See These Tips for Taking Trips with Toddlers

If you love travelling, not even becoming a parent will stop you. Globetrotters will do it with or without babies. Instead of leaving your child behind and missing them the whole time, why not move with them and have them keep you company? Moreover, you create lasting memories more when you travel as a family.

There are mothers who have traveled with two or more toddlers to a number of destinations. If you are still contemplating whether to travel with yours or not, look at the tips these mothers have to share. 

One of the most important things when it comes to toddlers (depending on age) is safety, feeding, sleeping, playing and clean environment. Learn more below. 

See These Tips for Taking Trips with Toddlers
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Beware of Dirty Environments

The last thing you want to deal with on your travel is a sick child. When your child falls sick, it ruins the fun associated with travel. Suddenly you have to think of going to the hospital, spending sleepless nights in case the baby has fevers, diarrhea and/or vomiting. 

To avoid this, move with sanitizing wipes to clean your hands and those of the baby before feeding. Sometimes your little one will crawl or walk to places infested with germs and probes, so sanitizing wipes will come in handy to clean their hands.

Immunization and Travelling

If you are planning to travel with children,its better you have them immunized at a least week prior to the trip so you don’t have to be faced with fevers, rash and diaper blowouts which are all associated with immunization. 

Sometimes, high temperatures make kids restless and hence can cry uncontrollably until it subsides. Also, the immunization can become tender making the baby to cry a lot. You don’t want to go through this in your hotel room or airbnb and hence should schedule immunizations way before you travel.

Never Forget Extra Outfits

Somehow, toddlers have a way of messing their clothes up, regardless of where they are. If you still want to see a clean toddler, you’ll consider moving with extra clothes for them in case they soil the ones they are wearing-which they will. 

However much you take precaution in protecting them from messing their clothes, somehow they will touch their shirt with chocolate, pour milk or porridge and food on themselves. You don’t want them to get access to your bag with make-up in it.

Carrying the Toddler on your Lap

As much as it is good to have your toddler fly without paying for them, carrying them on your lap for more than 4 hours of travel is not fun. 

You can ask gate agents and flight attendants that you come across if the flight is full or there is some free space. You’ll be surprised how easily you can find a free seat for your family by just asking.


I cannot stress the need for snacks enough. If you are going to travel with a toddler, you would rather forget toys but not snacks. Pack some biscuits, fruits, vegetables, pouches, dry snacks, etc. 

This is the only way you will keep your toddler busy throughout the journey. Otherwise, you risk them throwing around tantrums and causing a scene because either they are tired, bored or both.

See These Tips for Taking Trips with Toddlers
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Book Overnight Flights

The best flight to book if you are going to travel with a little one is one at night because they will be sleeping throughout, if comfortable. 

Ensure you get a lightweight scarf to block plane light or daylight so your toddler can sleep without light disruptions. It would be best if they get tired enough before the flight so they sleep throughout the flight.

Get Ready for Takeoff and Landing Pressures

Depending on your toddler’s energy and personality, they are likely to get irritated by the ear pressure during takeoff and landing. To avoid this, pack something that will keep them busy during those times. Some of the things include pacifiers, food, water, toys, etc. For some, a passionate conversation can keep them distracted.

Bottom line

If you love travelling, then a toddler shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your hobby. All it requires is to be prepared for this flight by ensuring maximum comfort for the little one. 

Ensure the little one snacks away to avoid boredom that leads to tantrums. Also, it’s best if you book a night flight so the little one sleeps throughout the flight.