How to Save and Use the Best Celebrity Filters on Instagram – Full Tutorial

Instagram is a social platform where celebrities from all over the world interact with their fans. Instagram has made the experience more exciting by coming up with celebrity filters that are easy to save, use, and apply. 

These filters make you look like celebrities. It is important to note that not all stars have their filters on Instagram.

For those new to Instagram, finding and using these filters might be tricky sometimes. Here are some of the filters available and some guidelines on how to use them effectively. 

How to Save and Use the Best Celebrity Filters on Instagram - Full Tutorial

Types of Celebrity Filters on Instagram 

As mentioned earlier, not all celebrities have their filters on Instagram. Some of the filters available are Lip Kit, Rare, JUSTIN BIEBER – YUMMY, Ellen’s Mood Booster, Lover, Yoncé, Bury a friend, Ariana, Jeffree Star, and many more.

The celebrities featured are considered to be the most influential on Instagram. They also have a big fan base on the platform.  

How to Use the Celebrity Filters on Instagram 

It is easy to use the filters provided that you understand the filter’s effect on your picture or Instagram story. Let’s have an idea of what each filter does.

Makeup and Similar Filters

The first is the Lip Kit by @kyliejenner. The filter applies a set of false lashes to the face and has entirely done lips.

The second is Rare by @selenagomez. This one gives the face a radiant glow and has the cherry butterflies’ effect. 

Lover by @taylorswift is another fantastic filter. It shows a glittering heart around one of your eyes and surrounds it with cotton candy-colored clouds.  

Bury a Friend by @bilieeilish flickers light around you and make your eyes disappear. 

Music and TV Show Host Filters

Another is the JUSTIN BIEBER – YUMMY by @sarions. For those who have seen the Yummy video by Justin Bieber, the filter puts your face in memorable scenes of the song and plays the track in the background. 

For the Ellen’s Mood Booster filter by @theellenshow, it makes your story more interactive. When you activate the filter, it asks you to participate in fun activities such as making a one-handed dance move.

The Yoncé by @agathabahiense puts a black frame with Beyoncé’s name around your face. 

More Filters

Other filters to try out include Ariana by @alisabet_channel and Jeffree Star by @callmebyyourname

The Ariana filter writes Ariana Grande’s hit songs across your face, and the Jeffree Star filter puts one of his iconic tweets, “can’t relate,” on your forehead. 

These filters will surely light up your Instagram stories and make them more attractive.

How to Save the Celebrity Filters on Instagram 

Many people know how to do this. You might have seen some of your friends already using the filters on their stories. If you have friends who use the filters, tap their name location, and you’ll get an option to save the picture. It is as simple as that.  

Another alternative for accessing and saving these filters is to go to the @juliataskaeva profile on Instagram. 

You will see a smiley face button below her profile description. Click on the button, and it will take you to a page that features all the celebrity filters available on Instagram. 

Please scroll down to find the one you desire and choose to save it. You are not limited to one option as you can save as many as you like.

Where to Download Instagram 

For you to access all these filters, you have to get the Instagram application. The application is among the best and most downloaded apps in the world. 

The app features all major languages and has many positive reviews from its users all over the world. 

For android users, get the application by downloading it from the Google Play Store. It is also available on the Apple App Store for iPhone users. 

How to Save and Use the Best Celebrity Filters on Instagram - Full Tutorial


Instagram has made it more fun for its users by introducing celebrity filters. Note that the filters are to be used on Instagram stories to make them appealing and interactive.  

We have gone through the significant celebrity filters, and we have seen that they are all easy to use and save. Use the filters today for better Instagram stories and experience celebrity life.