PUBG Mobile – See These Funny TikTok Video Moments

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it is an online battle royale game that has become one of the most popular games in the world. This game was created by the PUBG Corporation that is based in South Korea.

The game is based on mods that were originally created by Brendan Greene. PUBG game is also inspired by the movie, Battle Royale, which is a Japanese film.

It has however expanded into a standalone game under the direction of Greene. There is no doubt that PUBG is currently one of the most famous battle royale games of all time. Read on to see some funny videos that come from PUBG.

PUBG Mobile - See These Funny TikTok Video Moments
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PUBG Mobile TikTok Funny Moments Part #27 Funny Glitch & Epic Clutch

In this funny compilation video on Youtube that has been picked from different sources, the funniest part is the background music and the voices that make up the video. Even while watching the many blunders that the players make, you may be captivated by what is happening outside the videos.

Starting from the first video where the player gets accidentally defeated while standing away, the sounds of the words “why are you running, why are you running” is simply hilarious. 

PUBG TikTok Funny Moments And Funny (PART 249)

This video on YouTube has over 300,000 views, and it starts off even funnier than the last one. In the video, the couple is trying to ask each other for their numbers and all of a sudden they try to defeat each other. 

The music is also fantastic, and the funny voices behind the scenes are just as hilarious as the video itself. The video is mostly in another language, but believe me, you will be laughing along with the creators as they try to defeat their enemies. 

PUBG TikTok Funny Moment And Dance (PART 200) BY #PUBGFUN

This is definitely one of the funniest videos you can watch on YouTube. It features two characters trying to defeat some other characters, and the craziness they raise on them is funnier than you can imagine.

Perhaps it will remain engraved in your mind after the video ends is the laughing voices that you can’t help but laugh with. The second part of this video features the player with his falcon hiding behind a chair trying to find their enemy in order to defeat them.

Throughout the video, there are plenty of dance scenes and everyone seems to have a great time. This is the kind of video that will keep you in high spirits, even though you may not understand their language, you can certainly get the gist of what is going on.

PUBG Mobile TikTok Funny Moments And Funny Dance Compilation #17

PUBG Mobile - See These Funny TikTok Video Moments
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This video starts off with a synchronized dance number that you can thoroughly enjoy. This video doesn’t have too much commentary, and in fact, it mostly has music playing in the background, but the funny parts are when the player is trying to defeat the other players.


PUBG Mobile is an action-packed battle royale video game that will captivate you in its great gameplay. But, it may also captivate in all the ways that this great game can be a lot of fun, and can be really funny.

PUBG Mobile has plenty of fans, and although most of these videos are made from other countries, they have many views. If you play PUBG, then these videos will make your day, and maybe you might get a trick or two on how to win this great game.