PUBG Mobile Lite Download – A Guide to Installing and Playing

The PUBG Mobile Lite is a version of the PUBG game that was developed for people with low-end devices that still want to have the same experience of the original PUBG Mobile game. 

On the 25th of July, this game completed its first anniversary, and to date has had more than 100 million downloads. Of course, PUBG has always been an extremely popular mobile game, but that number of downloads is certainly more than was expected. 

It is a streamlined game that requires at least 600MB of free space on your phone, and it must also have at least 1GB of RAM in order for it to run smoothly. Read on to learn how you can download and play PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download - A Guide to Installing and Playing
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About PUBG Mobile Lite

In the game, 60 players usually drop on a 2km X 2km island that is enriched with resources. The duke is usually out for survival while in the shrinking battlefield. 

Your work is to search for vehicles, weapons, and supplies that can aid you in the battle. You must prepare to land and fight hard so you can be the last one standing. 

This game also comes in a variety of languages, such as Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, French and German. 

A Fair Gaming Environment

It has an advanced anti-cheat system that ensures all the players enjoy a fair gaming experience, without any undue influence. This gives everyone an opportunity to win or lose the game as per their experience levels.

There are endless ways to spawn in the warehouse that is intense with thrilling matches, so you never have to be bored with the game.

Teaming Up with Friends

There is an option to team up with a local team. The clan modes and room cards are easy to use and they will keep you playing with your friends at any time or place.

The Unreal Engine 4 has got realistic and immersive HD graphics for the gameplay and also has an expansive HD map. The High Def Audio and 3D sound effects are able to bring the firefights in a great way for you to enjoy.

You can also invite friends to create and play any winning strategies together by use of the voice chat. With this feature, you can set up surprises for the enemies and ambushes. You can also revive your teammates while in the heat of the battle and fight to win your clan’s dominance.

How to Install the Game 

There are two main ways of installing this game on your Android phone, you can either download it directly from the Google Play store or you can download an APK File from the Official Website and install it on your phone.

Installing Via the APK File

You can download this file from the official website. Start by logging into the website. This is the official PUBG Mobile Lite website. You will have to download the file from the site, and then click on the link below in order to visit the page

The next step is to enable the “install from an unknown source”, option on your phone’s settings if you haven’t already done that yet. Finally, install the APK file and enjoy the game once it has completed installing.

Please note that this file is 564MB, and therefore you must ensure that your phone has enough storage to accommodate the file.

How to Install From the Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile Lite Download - A Guide to Installing and Playing
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For you to use the Google Play store to install the PUBG Mobile Lite game, start by searching the PUBG Mobile Lite game in the search bar of the Google Play store.

Then, click on the link to install the game on your phone. It will be downloaded and installed, ready for you to play.


Well, there you have it, if your phone is not one of the high-end types with big memory space, you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of the PUBG Mobile. By following our steps above, you can install it on your android phone and enjoy it.