Pregnancy Monitoring App: Learn How To Download For Free

Being pregnant exposes you to a whole new world you never knew existed. There is so much you need to learn; things you need to do, medications you need to take, and many other changes you must make in your life.

One of the biggest challenges with pregnancy is knowing what is happening in each trimester. Sure, we all know the basics because we hear people talk about pregnancy all the time, but being pregnant is a whole different ball game.

Getting answers and knowing what to expect when you are expecting is important for every pregnant woman. Using a pregnancy monitoring app such as the Baby Center app is great because it has all of the information you need to know, and it is easily at your fingertips.

Pregnancy Monitoring App: Learn How To Download For Free
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The Baby Center App

This app has been trusted by more than 400 million parents around the world. It features plenty of information and guides that will help you through your pregnancy from the first day you discover your pregnant, to your due date.

The app follows you week by week and day by day and gives you tips on all fetal movements. Plus videos for all the stages of the pregnancy. This app is for the entire journey and it accommodates all pregnancies.

How Does It Work?

This app starts the journey with you from before conception. From the time you are trying to conceive to when you are pregnant, and even after you have your baby, the app works with you through all the developmental and growth milestones.

This should be your go-to source for all things period, fertility, ovulation, pregnancy, prenatal, and newborn information. They use scientific data and facts to give you the most accurate information about your baby and your body.

All of the health and baby information on the app has been reviewed and approved by the Baby Center advisory and medical board.

The Pregnancy Tracker And Development Calendar

With the app, you will receive timely information on what to expect during the pregnancy. All you have to do is input your due date in the app. You can use the due date calculator on the app to predict this. Please note that it’s not possible to accurately predict the exact due date. In most cases, it is usually one or two weeks early or late.

You will also have access to developmental videos and articles in the app for your daily maternity calendar. You will also have an informative countdown of your pregnancy. Each day, there will be a news feed with food, nutrition ideas, and pregnancy advice.

Learn about morning sickness and how to deal with it, receive weekly checklists, and get reminders to take your prenatal vitamins with this app. You also receive healthy snack ideas and ideas for your workouts when you are pregnant.


There are plenty of groups for pregnant moms, new moms, and established moms to join. You can also join the birthing club and connect with other pregnant moms with due dates that are similar to yours. There is nothing as good as this.

You can trade tips and offer each other advice on what you are going through. In addition, new moms get to talk about how the whole experience is going for them.

Fertility Tracker Features

Here are the features you should expect to find on the fertility tracker within the app.

  • Ovulation calendar and calculator
  • Articles and plenty of advice on how to prepare for pregnancy and how you can conceive
  • Due date calculator
  • The Bumpie photo diary which is a simple pregnancy photo tool that will capture the look of your baby every week
  • A contraction timer
  • A baby registry checklist
  • A baby kick counter
  • A pregnancy calendar that has hundreds of baby center articles
  • Videos for inside the womb and real childbirth videos for you to prepare
  • Fetal development images
  • A baby name finder, with the meaning and origin of the names

The Baby First-Year Features

The app also walks with you step by step for the first 12 months of your new baby’s life. Here’s what you should expect.

  • A baby growth tracker
  • Daily baby calendar
  • Mommy & me activity suggestions
  • A sleep guide and lullaby music for the baby
  • A feeding guide along with breastfeeding tips
Pregnancy Monitoring App: Learn How To Download For Free
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This is an award-winning app that has been recognized by many organizations for its excellence and delivery of original, meaningful, and helpful content. If you are currently pregnant, maybe you should give it a try.