What Parents Need To Know About The New Coronavirus

As a parent, your number one job is to protect your child. When you are unable to do that, you are usually left feeling helpless and stressed. That is exactly how most parents are feeling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

While a lot has been said about it on the news, newspapers and social media, there is still plenty we don’t all know about this virus. So, in this review, we seek to give you some answers to some questions you may be having.

What is coronavirus? We know you know this, but let us just give you a simplified definition. Coronavirus is a group name for a family of viruses that causes diseases in animals. Seven of these viruses have jumped on to humans, and they cause flu-like symptoms.

The new coronavirus is being named COVID-19 and it is also very dangerous. It has been infecting people very quickly. Even further, 20% of all infected cases have been classified as being critical or severe.

What Parents Need To Know About The New Coronavirus
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Is There A Cure For The Virus?

Currently no. There isn’t a specific cure, but doctors have been trialing different drugs that have worked for viruses such as HIV and Ebola. The early tests show promising results, but they cannot know for sure until the full clinical trials have concluded and the doctors feel certain that the drugs are effective.

How Can I Contract This Virus?

Coronavirus, just like colds and the flu, is being spread through droplets in the air when someone sneezes or coughs. These droplets then land on surfaces that you can easily pick up as you go about your day. Then, you go spreading the virus to other people that you meet, through shaking their hands, or when they touch your face. It is, therefore, important to keep your hands clean at all times.

Should You Wear A Face Mask Everywhere?

Wearing a face mask while in public places will not necessarily protect you from the virus. In fact, wearing a mask may even increase the risk further, because this virus is spread through touch also. The only person required to wear a face mask would be an infected person, so they can avoid spreading it through their spit when they sneeze. Further, it is best to leave face masks for medical professionals.

How Can You Prevent It?

The only way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to protect yourself from exposure to it. Health officials have warned people to stay indoors and to self-quarantine. Do not go to places where many people are congregating, as this makes it easy for you to pick up the virus. Also, keep your house clean, your hands disinfected, and ensure that you follow all of the rules that have been issued. These include not greeting people by handshakes and not standing close to people.

Should Parents Be Worried?

It is normal to worry, especially for your kids. The thing is that coronavirus is a new kind of virus and we don’t know much about it yet, but that doesn’t mean that the world is sleeping on it. Scientists are working round the clock to discover all they can about it. However, all we can do for now is just calm down and not panic. It really doesn’t make sense to panic over something that you cannot do anything about.

Now, the good news is that, according to a report published by JAMA, in February of 2020, most of the patients who have been infected with the virus are between 49-56 years old. In fact, no infections in children have been reported as of now.

What Should You Do To Protect Your Kids?

This is a good question. Take the precautions that are being given out constantly by the local government, the doctors in the media, and even on social media. Simply encourage high degrees of hygiene in your home, and ensure that your kids are washing their hands at all times to stay safe.

What Parents Need To Know About The New Coronavirus
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Unfortunately, the world is going through a tough time right now. If you have very small kids, it is normal to be worried about their health and the repercussions of such an infection on them. But, as we pointed out above, worrying will not do much.

All you can do is to exercise care, keep your kids in the house, and do not entertain outsiders. That way, you will ensure that they are not in contact with anyone who may be infected.