Pack and Play (or pack-n-play)

Hi all… Today I will talk a little bit about “Pack and Play“s.

If you want to get the second bed for the baby (for day time in your living room) and at the same time if want to stay on the budget; you can purchase “Pack and Play”.

Most of the pack and plays have removable bassinets. And also when you are traveling, it’s nice to have one of them; you can use it at night as a bed while you are away from your home, too.

After a couple of months, when your baby gets older to move around freely (!) you can put the baby in that to have some free time (for a quick shower, or to prepare the dinner while the baby is playing in it safely).

When I’m writing this, I have checked the internet and noticed that many people are using the pack and plays as the main bed, between a bassinet and toddler bed. However, because of security reasons the experts suggest to have a proper crib. And also pack and play instructions will tell you that it is NOT intended as a permanent sleep solution.

Your little precious baby’s safety is more important than anything; so if possible buying a proper crib is the best (As you may have already read in my previous post, finding a crib is possible for less than $100; so staying in the budget is not reason for not having a proper crib).

Here is some example and good pack-n-plays :

There’s a model even for twins :

There are many different options for pack and plays these days :

  • Does it have wheels?
  • Does it have carry case?
  • Is it possible to fold it? How easy to fold up for travel?
  • Does it have a removable bassinet?
  • Does it have newborn napper position?
  • Does it have a removable rocking seat? These are great options to have – you never know if your baby will need it.
  • Does it have vibration / sounds / music?
  • Does it have an MP3 system? (I must admit, I’ve never thought the possibility to have an MP3 speaker system on a pack-n-play until I see the ad) –
  • Does it have a changer? If yes, it is sturdy enough?
  • Does it have a canopy?
  • Storage capacity?
  • Does it have the addition of mobile? Good feature to keep the little one busy (for 2 mins 😉 ).

We haven’t used any pack-n-play at home for sleeping purposes for neither of our sons. But we have used it for travels and also as a play area, it was a great help.

If you ask me, you don’t need to rush for buying a pack-n-play immediately. I rather prefer to have a bassinet for the first couple of weeks. And then you can see the life with the little one. I believe, at that point it will be easier to decide on whether to buy a pack-n-play or a crib.

As always; I have collected some good pack-n-play example photos around the web for you:

Pack n play Examples - 1
Pack n play Examples – 1
Pack n play Examples - 2
Pack n play Examples – 2
Pack n play Examples - 3
Pack n play Examples – 3
Pack n play Examples - 4
Pack n play Examples – 4
Pack n play Examples - 5
Pack n play Examples – 5