Ovulation Calculator App – Learn to Download Free

If you are eager to have a baby, then you should know everything there is to know about your menstrual cycle. Understanding your cycle’s intimate details can help figure out when you will be ovulating, and most importantly, how you ovulate.

This is your pregnancy blueprint, as we all know that a woman is most fertile when ovulating. You will then be able to plan on when you should have sex for optimum results. Depending on your own fertility, you may need to be quite strategic in order to get pregnant.

The Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app shall help you know when you are most fertile. When you want to get pregnant fast, follow the attached link to download this app that has proven to increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by almost three times.

Ovulation Calculator App - Learn to Download Free
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How Does The App Work?

The app predicts your ovulation days by using the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) that usually predicts your most fertile days by using your basal body temperature, your period days, and cervical mucus. This is why it has the highest possibility of conception.

The Health Tracker

The monthly calendar will tell you the chances of you getting pregnant daily. It will also signal you about your peak fertility days. You will also be able to track your cervical mucus, weight, temperature, mood, intercourse, PMS, etc.

It also records your ovulation days and all pregnancy test results. It has innovative charts that help you in managing your reproductive health until you get pregnant. Plus there are hundreds of tips and articles about pregnancy, ovulation, fertility, menstruation reproductive health, etc.

Terms You Should Know

Using the app will be easier if you are more familiar with the terms and abbreviations that are used within the app.

BBT – This stands for basal body temperature. It is the temperature of your body when you first wake up in the morning.

CM – This stands for cervical mucus.

STM – This stands for the Sympto-Thermal method and it is a fertility awareness method that makes use of the observations of your BBT, CM, and other measures in your body including the infertile times in your cycle.

PMS –This stands for your Premenstrual Syndrome.

Here’s A One-Month Review

Week One

The first week of tracking yourself should be from the day when your period’s due. If you got your period and you were hoping you wouldn’t, don’t worry. Now you have the perfect plan on how you can ensure you get pregnant.

At this point, your body is shedding the lining of your womb and this is called the endometrium. You will not know whether an egg will be fertilized until the next month.

Week Two

The countdown to your most fertile week is about to start. Your period should have stopped by now, and you need to start focusing on what you are eating this week. Ensure that you are at your most healthy by eating well. Find out the foods that can help boost the sperm count for your partner as well.

This is the time to turn down the heat. Don’t allow your partner to take hot steamy showers or to soak in a hot bath as this can affect his sperm quality. It would be a good idea if you can turn off the electric blanket as well. In addition, stop sitting with your laptop on your laps.

This may sound crazy, but various studies show that excessive and prolonged heat can slow down sperm collection.

Week three

This is it. You are at your most fertile and this is the perfect time to try and conceive if you want to get pregnant. Take time to make the whole process romantic, so you and your partner can also enjoy the moment.

Week Four

You are out of your fertile days, and obviously, conception is your top agenda. Keep in mind, however, that it may take some time. You can wait another week or two before taking another pregnancy test. In the following week, if you do not receive your period, then chances are high that you could be pregnant.

If you are not pregnant, do not give up. Go through the process once again in the next month, and keep trying. With time, it will happen. Now that you have an app, you have the best opportunity of getting pregnant.

Ovulation Calculator App - Learn to Download Free


It is important to note that, before ovulation occurs, your body will produce a surge of hormones that can be detected in the urine. When you use an ovulation tester, these hormones are detected, and they help you identify when you are ready to start trying.

It is wise to use both methods. Follow the instructions in the app, and also invest in the testing kits so you can be 100% sure that you are ovulating. All the best!