Organic Baby Food – Learn How to Make 5 Delicious Recipes

As a new parent, chances are that you may get a few things wrong, and it’s all understandable because some things don’t come easy, but when it comes to making food for a new baby, you can always feel great about it, since you do it with lots of love.

You are also allowed to experiment as much as you want with all sorts of combos such as fruits and veggies, fruits and carbs, etc. serve them to your baby and also sit back and relax knowing that you have given them the most nutritious and tastiest meals.

Homemade foods are also less expensive as you have ultimate control over what you use. All you have to buy is a food processor or a blender if you do not have either of them already, and you shall be well on your way to providing healthy meals for the baby.

Organic Baby Food - Learn How to Make 5 Delicious Recipes
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Here are 5 Basic Recipes You can Try at Home

Chicken Puree


You will need the following for this simple recipe

  • Boneless chicken thighs or breasts that have been cubed – 1/8 ounces
  • Parsley – 1 teaspoon
  • Low-sodium chicken stock – 1 cup


In a saucepan, bring the chicken, parsley, and broth to a boil and then cook over medium heat. Turn the heat way down and let it simmer while covered for around 15-20 minutes or until you can feel that the chicken is cooked well. Let this cool.

Transfer everything to a food processor or a blender and then puree it until you reach the desired consistency. You can add the stock in small increments until you reach the desired level. Wait for it to cool and serve the baby. The leftovers can be refrigerated.

Roasted Banana with Rosemary Puree


  • Bananas – 4, cut lengthwise
  • Rosemary –  ¼ teaspoon, chopped finely


Start by heating the oven to 400 degrees and then line a pan with a baking sheet or with parchment paper, whichever one you have on hand. Place the bananas on the sheet and roast them for around 25 minutes, or until they turn brown and start oozing juices. Let this cool when done.

Place the roasted bananas and the rosemary in a blender or a food processor and then puree them for around 2 minutes, or till they are smooth. You can add some water in small increments until you get the consistency you desire. Serve after cooling.

Acorn Squash with Ginger Puree


You will need the following items for this recipe.

  • Squash – 1 medium-sized
  • Fresh Ginger – ¼ cup, finely grated
  • Breast milk or chicken stock – ¼ cup


Start by pre-heating the oven to 400 degrees Celsius, and then line it a baking skeet with parchment paper.  Cut your squash into half and de-seed it, then place it on the lined baking sheet with the skin side down.

Cook this in the oven until the squash is nice and tender. Around 45 – 60 minutes will do. Then, sit it aside to cool. After it has cooled, and it’s now easy to handle, kindly remove the skin of the squash and then put it in the blender. Add the ginger and the breast milk and puree it all for around 2 minutes, or until you have the desired consistency. Serve when it is cool enough to eat.

Banana with Cinnamon and Coconut Milk Puree


  • Bananas – ½ of a banana, peeled
  • Coconut milk – ½ a tablespoon
  • A small pinch of cinnamon


Put the banana in a bowl and mash it completely with a fork until it is nice and smooth. Microwave it for around 10 seconds, and then stir it and put it in for another 10 seconds until it is smooth. Then, simply stir in the cinnamon and coconut milk and serve your baby!

Carrot with Nutmeg Puree


  • Carrots – 2 lbs of carrots, chopped roughly and peeled
  • Nutmeg – ¼ teaspoon
  • Breast milk, formula, or water – ½ cup


In a saucepan, boil some water in medium heat and then place the carrots in a steamer. Cover this and cook for around 11 minutes, until they are nice and tender.

Place the carrots, the liquid of your choice from above, and the nutmeg in a food processor or blender and then puree this for 2 minutes. Do this on high speed, adding the desired liquid until the puree is the desired consistency. Serve the puree.

Organic Baby Food - Learn How to Make 5 Delicious Recipes
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These recipes are ideal for kids who are above 6 months old. According to the Association of Pediatrics of America, you should only start giving salt at 2 years of age, so do not add any salt to these recipes. We hope your baby enjoys these healthy and wholesome foods!