Open Meditation Chakras – Learn How to Try This

Maintaining internal harmony has been connected to maintaining mental and physical health for thousands of years. And, you can improve the balance of your key chakras through chakra meditation, and bring your emotional and psychological attitude to a more peaceful state. 

It is believed that chakras are the centers of your body through which energy flows. Blocking each of your chakras causes an imbalance and a lack of free flow within your body that can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual health problems.

If you’re new to meditation, read this blog to learn more about opening your chakras to facilitate emotional and physical well-being and healing.

Open Meditation Chakras - Learn How to Try This
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Identifying Blocked Chakras

If one of your chakras is closed to the normal flow of energy into your body, it will make up for your being by focusing more energy on the more usable chakras. Which results in shutting down some chakras while others become hyperactive. 

All have significant consequences for your mental and physical stability, and diligent meditation is the best way to hold all of your chakras open and harmonize.

Each chakra has unique symptoms (physical as well as mental), which indicate under-activity or over-activity. When you start understanding these symptoms by yourself, you may start associating them with the chakras on which you want to concentrate.

How Meditation Works

Meditation is a positive and powerful way to communicate with your soul and ask for help from your higher self. Staying in the moment, releasing negative or trapped energy and unnecessary blockages, welcoming fresh and constructive energy, and balancing your chakras, is a wonderful process. 

While any form of meditation is a wonderful practice of opening your chakras, it is best to have specific guided meditations to activate your chakras.

Chakra meditation is a specialized meditation form aiming at blocked chakras. You will cleanse, clear, and align your chakras with proper meditation on the chakra.

Opening Your Chakras: How to Get Started 

Because your chakras are part of a closely linked network, there’s only so much research you can do on singular chakras. 

Meditating on all of them is ideal for getting the whole system into order. You will get better with time and experience in detecting individual imbalances and directing your meditation to focus on particular chakras.

Steps You Need to Take to Open Your Chakras

Sit back comfortably on the floor with your legs folded up before you. If you find the position uncomfortable, you can sit on a cushion. Keep your spine straight but not under tension. Let the hands fall down on your feet. Take a deep and even breath. 

What you should do in effect is imagine every chakra, from the root to the crown. You should picture the energy that flows into and through that chakra, just as you do. Throughout your meditation, using the color associations of each chakra given above.

Give patient attention to each chakra, and focus on it until you see vibrant energy passing through it. Every chakra owes itself several minutes. You will have a strong mental picture of positive energies flowing all the way through your body by the time you hit the crown chakra. 

If you start practicing chakra meditation first, keeping track of the energy centers and colors on which you need to concentrate can be difficult. Here, guided mediation resources can be a big aid. 

Individual Chakra Meditation 

Open Meditation Chakras - Learn How to Try This
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You must begin to feel more hypersensitive to the energy flowing through your chakras after you have successfully gone through a few meditation sessions. 

You are going to start linking your emotions and physical condition into different chakras. Now you might want to base your sessions on the individual chakras. 

Do not force this process; with experience, drifting into the chakras that are most in need of balance when you meditate should be more natural to your focus. 

There are plenty of different positions, breathing exercises, mantras, and movements available to help you concentrate on particular chakras.


Treat this exercise as you would a meditation in a peaceful and warm environment. You might sit in a field or in a garden during the summertime. A warm bed, with no distractions during the winter.