Newborn Hates Being Swaddled? Here’s What to Do

You’ve just had a baby, and it’s your ray of sunshine. You did your research and learned that swaddling for babies is meant to be soothing because it provides a womb-like feeling for them to remain asleep.

Before your baby was here, you got a bunch of pretty swaddle wraps, and then you purchased big-name swaddles, but your little one is still not satisfied! There are some infants who completely refuse to be swaddled.

There’s a very strong likelihood that why your newborn hates being swaddled is because they don’t like how you do it. Don’t lose hope!  Check out these swaddling methods and techniques, so your baby can sleep comfortably.

Newborn Hates Being Swaddled? Here's What to Do

Why Your Baby Hates Swaddling

It could be from a couple of different reasons as to why your baby fusses when you swaddle them. First, you swaddle them too tightly, not leaving enough space for them to breathe, move their hips, and stretch. 

Second, they are not used to the new position of the arm and letting you know. Third, as you try to swaddle them, they might be utterly exhausted, making the attempt so much more complicated.

Find the Right Swaddle Blanket

If you buy a swaddle that makes your baby unhappy, bear in mind, he’ll let you know immediately. He’s not going to sleep well in it, he’s going to break through it more frequently, and it won’t simply work out! 

Some infants want their hands closer to their face, others like the mummy-style, and some like their arms on their sides. Until you find one that he loves, you may spend a little money on swaddles your child hates.

Don’t see it, however, as a waste of money. Your baby is likely to have a burst and another kind of swaddle will do it in a snap. Or, for your next child, you may be able to use the other swaddles.

Newborn Hates Being Swaddled? Here's What to Do

Do It at the Right Moment

There’s a high chance she’s going to whine and cry if you don’t swaddle while your baby is in the right mood. After you’ve taken her to her sleeping room and have already started the sleep routine, consider swaddling your child. 

You will give her the time to cool down and start producing melatonin. The only exception here is when you overstimulate your baby.

If you have already crossed into an overstimulation land, she’s most likely going to scream no matter what. Just note, swaddling is exactly what it takes to calm down the poor baby.

Leave One Arm Out

Yes, how to swaddle a baby is easy to learn, but you just need to find out how to swaddle your baby. And with one limb outside the covers, some babies actually feel more relaxed.

Two things are great about the “leave one arm out method”: transitioning from a swaddle and swaddling babies who have already found their thumbs. Try this approach if you’re having a hard time swaddling your kid. Here, a traditional swaddle may not fit well.

Keep the Blanket Off the Face

When your hungry baby’s cheek is brushed by a blanket, it tricks her into believing that it is your breast. When she cannot find the nipple, that can set off the rooting reflex and trigger her to cry with disappointment. 

So, by making a swaddle look like a V-neck sweater, keep the blanket off the face. This is a perfect way to prevent your child from getting out of the swaddle or fighting it.

Newborn Hates Being Swaddled? Here's What to Do

Swaddle with Straight Arms if They Keep Resisting It

Some professionals insist that children have their hands up high so that they can suck their fingers. But wrapping them with bent arms is a tragedy! 

This makes it possible for the hands to wiggle free, which makes babies scream more and allows them to undo the whole wrap. This makes resisting the swaddle easier for your baby and keeps them awake. 

It’s true that a baby’s arms are still bent during the last month or two of pregnancy, but the arms gradually relax within two weeks of birth, becoming straighter during relaxed moments and sleep.


Before you settle on the right one, you’re probably going to go through a few swaddles. At first, swaddling can be overwhelming, just like parenting as a whole. 

But please know: parents have been wrapping their babies for centuries to sleep, and you’ll also easily refine your skill with so many occasions to practice.