New PAW Patrol Game on Mobile – Learn How to Download

If you have a preschooler in your home, then you are probably aware of what PAW Patrol is. This is a cartoon show that focuses on a boy named Ryder. Ryder leads his own crew of searching and rescuing dogs and they have named themselves the “PAW Patrol”.

Each dog in the crew has a specific skill that is based on their emergency service professions, such as a police officer, a pilot, or a firefighter. The whole crew resides in doghouses and their work is to transform into customized vehicles for their missions.

Now there is even bigger and better news for you. A mobile game for PAW Patrol is now available for your children to play. This game comes with all the great adventures of the team and your child can enjoy playing it. Continue reading to learn more about it.

New PAW Patrol Game on Mobile - Learn How to Download
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PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue

With this app, your child gets to go on the rescuing trip with all of the pups in tow. The PAW Patrol team is always on a rescuing mission, and now they will be on a non-stop mission on the app that you can download here.

There is a new vehicle for the pups to use for saving the dogs, and the app goes way beyond your adventure game. There are missions on the bay to be completed and rescue alerts. Your child should be looking out for these alerts so they know where to go next.

Each pup has a new adventure and a new map to follow. There is a variety of fun activities and features, such as tapping, tilting, swiping, and drawing circles.

How Much Does it Cost?

This app is not free and will cost you around $1.99 to download. Additionally, it features some in-app purchases. It will charge you real money for any additional features you purchase while playing the game, so be sure to let your kids know.

Age Group

The app can be used by kids who are 3+ years. It has plenty of features for them. There are 13 different interactive rescues, 4 additional locations, such as the bay, the farm, the jungle, and the ice fields.

Each rescue is divided into 2 games with features, such as skills, tools, and pups. This enables the players to have a chance of experiencing the gadgets and tools for themselves.

There is a map screen that they can use to track their progress and choose their next move in the rescue mission, and there are plenty of in-game tutorials. There is also a screen for parents’ guide.

What You Should Know About the Game as a Parent

New PAW Patrol Game on Mobile - Learn How to Download
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As a parent, it is okay to be concerned about what your kid is doing, and especially the type of games they are playing. This app particularly teaches preschoolers about problem solving and citizenship.

It illustrates stories for kids on how different people can coordinate their skills and get a job done. The broader theme is all about respect and relationships with people from different backgrounds.

There is a story for each kid, and whenever an animal is in trouble, they rise to the occasion. You shouldn’t worry too much about the PAW Patrol game as it always has a happy ending for the lost pups, thanks to the crew.


With PAW Patrol you can rest assured that this app is safe to use for your child, and will definitely keep them occupied and happy. The interface is attractive and easy to use. Plus, the constant problem-solving in the game is good for children’s mental activity.