Mothers are the Most Burdened in Isolation, says Study

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot is happening behind the scenes including mothers in isolation who are feeling at a loss.This is as a result of governments restricting the access to social, commercial and other services in an effort to contain the disease. 

That is all good and well-intentioned, but it is causing some very severe burdens on humans. One of the groups of people we may not have talked about, or even considered how they are coping is mothers. Not just single mothers (which is a whole other discussion altogether) but mothers as a whole.

In the typical family set-up, mothers do plenty for their families. They cook, they clean, they do homework, and some of them are working mothers. But these days many mothers are feeling isolated without their regular support networks. Up next we will tell you more. 

Mothers are the Most Burdened in Isolation, says Study
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Some have been speaking out on the burdens they are facing in isolation, and having to keep up with the rising demands from their families. Now that kids are all home and not going to school, it is getting harder and harder to keep a level head in the house. 

Now, apart from the household chores, here are some other issues coming up when it comes to moms and the challenges they are facing.


Now, other than being home makers, women take on a majority of the care jobs in the country. They can be found in hospitals as nurses and doctors, they provide eldercare, and other domestic responsibilities which are inadvertently putting them on the frontlines. 

In the US alone, 25 million women, which is around one woman in every seven are providing care for their family members and friends. 

Around the world, 70% of all women work in the health care sector. Despite the cultural differences and other factors, it is clear that women have always worked hard to provide care, and this pandemic season is no different.

Having to work in the hospital, and then coming home to deal with all the other needs that your family expects from you can be quite a burden for most people, and since they are unable to look for help due to the social distancing rules, it can be a challenge.

The Economic Impact of the Pandemic

Beyond the chores, and the responsibility, there are the money aspects to consider. If you take a look at the single mother, who has to work and provide for her children, it can be a huge burden when jobs that single mothers usually take on are at a standstill.

Additionally, according to world analysis, women are consistently holding jobs that do not offer them any protection, such as paid leaves. This jeopardizes their abilities to protect and provide for their families economically.

Close to 2/3rd of all tipped restaurant workers in America are women. This is as per a review done by TIME magazine. 75% of workers in restaurants do not get paid leave, or sick leave, and 77% of them have unpaid leave as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So, if a majority of the workers in restaurants are women, then it goes without saying that they are the most burdened by the economic challenges caused by the on-going pandemic. They are not working, and are not being paid either.

Increase in Domestic Violence

It’s true that many countries are reporting heightened violence towards women during this isolation period. There has been an increased global cry and the fact that women are feeling unsafe staying at home during quarantining period.

This could be as a result of having everyone in the house at the same time, especially couples, and there could be some increased disagreements due to being in close proximity with each other. Or it could be due to the many issues as a result of not having the same amount of income coming in.

According to gender specialists, since most violence in women happens in the home, keeping people at home is a major contributing factor. 

Mothers are the Most Burdened in Isolation, says Study
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The plight of mothers in isolation should be at the forefront of other issues being discussed during the difficulties of managing a global epidemic. Issues such as domestic violence must be taken seriously. If you are in trouble, there are professionals out there you can contact like your local law enforcement.