Discover the Most Realistic Instagram Effects

Who doesn’t use filters these days? They make your Instagram stories stand out and can add extra spice to your pictures. 

Instagram is all about filters, but it has been getting a lot of criticism for overuse where selfies are no longer realistic. When pictures look too good to be true, people are getting accused of overdoing the filter.

Toning down the filter and opting for something more realistic has become the order of the day. Check out these awesome Instagram filters that optimize your selfies without making them look fake.

Discover the Most Realistic Instagram Effects

Hey Darling 

Created by @henrysdiary, this filter simply touches up your face, adding shadows and highlights and giving you a warm glow. This filter is ideal for a selfie that lacks that special something that is going to make you look like you came home from a day at the spa.

Hey Darling is a must-try if you’re looking for something that will turn your followers’ heads yet keeping your selfies realistic and authentic.

It’s Vacation Time!

Are you at the beach or a tropical destination for the holidays or even just sitting at the pool but not getting the vibe you want? You might want to take a look at this ingenious solution. 

Turn your selfies into art to make your skin look amazing with a natural-looking tropical glow when you apply the BAHAMAS filter by @bryant. 

Too Much Glow!

Gloriously sunny days are perfect for your tan and your mood but not so much for your Instagram stories. RETROdust, created by @yulya.kors, was designed to soften the yellows in your pics and tone down the effects of excessive rays of sunshine.

This filter adds a layer of dust to your pictures, creating a natural neutralizing effect that will make your pics stand out!

Natural Yet Professional Shots at Home

Perfect for those reverse mirror shots, now you can add an extra sparkle to your selfies

Hygge Preset One, designed by, adds sparkles of light over a retro color palette to enhance your new makeup technique and bring out those subtle cool tones. Never look over-filtered again!

Vanilla That is Not So Vanilla

A bit of a misnomer, this filter is anything but vanilla. Packed with special effects and small adjustments, Vanilla filter by @ellesuko can add textures in all the right places giving your pictures an old school effect. 

Highlights are emphasized with this filter, adding a special brilliance to your stories. This effect is so natural, your followers will hardly guess you used a filter at all!

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Add a hint of nostalgia to your Instagram stories and show off your new favorite filter, Square Film, created by @janmahavan. 

The polaroid effect places you in a square frame instead of the regular rectangular frame set in an authentic-looking polaroid edging. Selfies come out clearer and cleaner with minimal changes. 

Perfect Summer Selfies

Get in the mood for summer and touch up your Instagram stories with a natural, happy go lucky vibe with this elegant filter offering the most striking effects. 

Mood by @diana_luchitskaya is the perfect grain filter for that summery feel. The frame adds an extra element to make your selfie look like a strip of film, so put on your lashes and be your beautiful self. 

All That Glitters is Gold

Overlay your selfies with glitter without distorting the color palette or balance of your picture. 

Bring out the zazz of even the most boring selfies with Glitter on white, another uber-popular filter by @janmahavan.

A Hint of Afternoon Sunshine

Giving you that extra highlight, Light Streak by @instagram draws attention to a specific feature such as your gorgeous eyes or a high cheekbone, adding that moody glow when at home

Turn an unremarkable selfie into an attention-grabbing artwork.

Discover the Most Realistic Instagram Effects


While many Instagram filters are designed to make your stories look touched up and even over the top by adding themes and fun elements, there is a range that keeps your photos real yet sensational

Many of them emphasize inherent qualities, adding realistic touches designed to grab your followers’ attention.