Memory Boost Game – Download Now on Your Mobile Device

Maintaining a strong memory is the same as exercising and being in shape. Keeping the mind active includes practicing memory exercises that can help build your mental muscles. Playing a few memory games can go a long way in keeping you sharp for many years.

There are many different computer games that can help exercise your brain. Most people may think that this is just a big scam and these benefits are exaggerated. However, that is not necessarily the case.

To learn more about memory games and why they are actually a worthwhile use of time, continue reading below. We will tell you more about their benefits and a great memory app to get you started!

Memory Boost Game - Download Now on Your Mobile Device
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Why You Should Play Memory Games

According to recent research, memory games can actually make you smarter and they are able to make you feel younger as well. Even regardless of their long-term benefits, memory games are exciting and are also a great challenge that can pass the time.

The idea behind training your memory is the same as that of practicing skills to ensure you are always on point. The mental challenge exercises go deep and look at your ability to remember things in the past. This is what makes you sharp.

Currently, there are plenty of apps being advertised as memory boosting games that you can download on your phone and play with your friends or by yourself to test your mental acuity. In this review, we will look at one of these apps – Memory Games: Brain Training.

Memory Games: Brain Training

This app features logic games for training your attention, skills, and overall memory. While playing brain games, you will have fun while improving your memory, your attention, and your concentration abilities gradually. They have 21 logic games for you to play.

You can also challenge your friends and the app’s users from all over the world. The training logic and reasoning skills are a great way to pass the time, especially if you are stuck at home. 

The app has more than 1 million users who are all trying to test their memory and IQ using the app. You can join their ever-expanding brain training programs and test your cognitive skills.

Games that You Will Find on the App

Free Memory Training Games

They have useful, fun, and easy games to help train your visual memory. Some of the games are very easy while others may feel challenging at first. All you have to do is practice patiently and you will be amazed at the progress you can make with time.

The Memory Grid Game

This is actually one of the most straightforward games for beginners. It is friendly and great for training your memory. What you need to do is memorize the different green cell positions. Very simple. 

You will be required to remember all the positions, and when the cells are hidden you can click to uncover them. If you make a small mistake, the app will give you hints so that you can complete the level.

Other Games

When you are comfortable with the simple games, then you can move on to the more challenging games. These free games are designed to train your memory. Other advanced games, include memory hex, rotating grid, logic games, count ‘em all, catch them, image vortex, and many others.

Memory Boost Game - Download Now on Your Mobile Device


So, if you have been thinking about training your brain, then this app will certainly come in handy. The best part of all – it is free, and you can download it easily on your phone. 

The games on the app help improve your brain performance and also help you understand that the more you exercise your brain, the more connections you may create.