Learn How To Make Crochet Baby Dresses

Babies look so cute and adorable in crochet outfits. In fact, it may make you want to ensure that all their clothes are crochet material. If you do not know how crocheting is done, don’t worry.  You may think it’s a difficult task, but with our step-by-step procedure, you can learn how to make crocheted baby clothes.

One thing you will find with crocheting is that it is very therapeutic and relaxing. Most people use it to achieve some inner calm and peace, and it also makes for a great pass time. When you are stuck in the house with nothing much to do, this is a good skill to learn.

Even if you are new to the crocheting world, you can still create simple, round-necked or short-sleeved sweaters and cute little dresses for your babies. You will only need a crochet hook, a couple of skeins of yarn, and basic crocheting skills.

Learn How To Make Crochet Baby Dresses
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How You Can Make Baby Clothes Through Crocheting

First of all, if you are a beginner, kindly check online to find out how to hold the crochet hook and the yarn, before you even start crocheting. Once you have mastered that, then we can proceed.

Make a slipknot with the yarn and tighten it on your hook. Wrap the yarn on your middle and index fingers twice and then pull the loop over the second loop. Place the loops on your crochet hook and then tug the tail of the yarn to tighten the loop.

Ensure that you are still able to slide the loop with a back and forth movement on your crochet hook. This should be snug but not too tight. So, that is the first step in making your baby’s clothes.

How To Make The Top Part Of The Dress

We will start with the top part, and then make our way down to the bottom. Loop the yarn over the hook and then pull it through it. This will make the first chain. Repeat this over and over, and then turn your work so you can see the other side of it.

Repeat this sequence by double crocheting twice in the next stitch and then once into the next two stitches. Then, double crochet twice into the next stitch. Keep doing this over and over. If you like, you can change the color of the yarn so you can make something with more than one color.

Forming The Armholes

Keep stitching as illustrated above, until you reach where you need to put the armholes.  Then, chain three times, then double crochet once and do 14 stitches. Starting the next round, turn your work around and then double crochet once. Count until you reach the 14th stitch and do not go past this point.

Make a chain with two stitches, and then skip on to the next 19 stitches and double crochet them. The chain of two will be done as you did above and then skip on to the 19th stitch and crochet into the 20th to form the armhole.

Slip stitch those to connect both ends, and when you get to the end, slip stitch again to connect them just as you did initially. Then, insert a hook at the top of the chain in the yarn and pull both stitches together so you can secure them.

The Skirt

Start by crocheting a chain of three doubles into the same stitch. Then, double crochet once into the space at the base of the chain. The chain of three doubles counts as a double stitch.

Chain a double crochet stitch twice on the same stitch. Follow this double stitch with a single one and then double up in the same space that you did the double to stitch two more times. This will help create what is called a v-stitch in that space.

Continue working the additional rounds of the same pattern and start off with three just as you did before. Double the crochet chain with a double crochet in the same space, and work the v stitches in this round so you can form the last round.

Continue doing this in all the subsequent rounds, and keep track of how the rows are looking.

Learn How To Make Crochet Baby Dresses
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


This may sound hard. However, if you follow all the steps one at a time, you are bound to come up with something that looks like a little dress. Sew the hook to close the top corners so you can complete the process.

In addition, if you need a visual aid, you can look to YouTube for tutorial videos.