Let’s continue to the list

Hi all,

I’ve decided to move ahead with the list – instead of going into the details / descriptions for all the items. Today let me continue with “Feeding”.

If you have a chance to breastfeed your baby, it is the best – both for you and for your baby (I think I’ll cover ‘Why breastfeeding is good for you and for the baby?’ in the future posts – I’m leaving this subject for now). You don’t need to worry about bottles, warmers, cleaning the bottles etc.

I believe that if you are not worried about breast milk (means if you’re not concerned on this) you will have breast milk. The less stress you have, the more breast milk you have – in general…

Here’s the main list for this subject:

A. Breastfeeding
1.    Nursing covers
2.    Nursing pillow
3.    Nursing Bra and clothing
4.    Breast pump
5.    Breastfeeding accessories

B. Bottle Feeding
1.    Bottles
2.    Bottle Accessories
3.    Sterilizer
4.    Warmers

C. Pacifiers
(Even though ‘pacifiers’ really doesn’t fit into this heading, I still wanted to list it in here. Pacifiers are very important and life savers sometimes 🙂 With our first kid, we were a little hesitant to use pacifiers – because of the addiction problem / possible teeth problems etc. After some research we have decided to use and it gave us a great relief sometimes… That’s why we definitely suggest using them 🙂 Unfortunately, our second boy didn’t want to use 🙁 Oh well, what to do – they have their own personalities, right?)