Lego Game – Learn How to Download on Your Mobile Device

Nowadays kids are maturing much faster than before, and as parents, you have to keep up with the trends. One of these trends is mobile games.

It’s hard not to find a kid who isn’t interested in a video game, and thankfully some of them are actually really good for them.

Being careful of what your kid plays and watches is important. You must know the different games that are available for different age groups, so you can hand over your phone to your little one, and be at peace.

One of the biggest sensations in the recent times for the kids has been Legos. Kids just can’t seem to get over it. They can create different things with Legos and spend hours trying to come up new ideas.

So, it stands to reason that they would create an app for Lego games. The movies came, and was a big hit, so why not games?

This is a fantastic game for kids who love to play with Legos, and we must say it is a much cheaper alternative.

Lego Game - Learn How to Download on Your Mobile Device
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Why Choose Lego Games App

Well, first of all, Lego toys are pretty expensive. However, the mobile game, which is free is certainly a cheaper alternative.

The games are excellent for kids and have different titles such as Star Wars, comic books, and many others that the kids can create for themselves on the app. It is also fun, easy to use and comes with plenty of enjoyable and learning opportunities.

Most of these games are also compatible with most mobile phones, and whether you use an Android or iOS, you are covered. They have a few interactive features that you need to be aware of such as buying different products.

In this review, we highlight the LEGO HIDDEN SIDE mobile game.


The reason why we love this game is that it has effortlessly managed to combine the real world with the virtual world. It is also extremely engaging and has plenty of new dimensions for the kids to experience.

It is also a free game to download on your phone.

How to Play the Game

For the kids to enjoy the game, they must set their ghosts, and mini-figures and make them come alive.

The app literally turns the phone into a ghost-hunting device, and they can scan any of the sets and join the superheroes, Parker and Jack on their missions.

So, when the app is downloaded, your kid will be introduced to the ghost hunters and they can do the following things.

  • Build their own sets – these are the ghost hunting sets and a fun activity for children.
  • Chase the ghosts and kill them to make the city safe.

Age Group

The app is designed for kids who are 7+ years. The reason behind it is because it can be a little complicated.

It is always wise to stick to age recommendations when it comes to the mobile game apps at all times.

Lego Game - Learn How to Download on Your Mobile Device
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This is a good app for the right age groups, and parents should know that it does teach the kids how to take responsibility and solve different problems.

Above all, it is a fun, and interesting game that will surely keep the kids busy when they do not have to study or do their homework. This Lego game on the app is safe, it does not have ads that are unsuitable for kids.