Learning Math Can Be fun – Download Free App To Learn

Math is very important for everyday living, and learning math can be fun if you use the right tools. Teaching your kids some math concepts early can help them learn how to solve simple problems in their lives. It also helps them understand things easily and reason how things are done.

So, if you have been having trouble solving math problems with your kids in the house, you shouldn’t worry about it anymore, because now there are apps that can do the job for you. These apps are designed to make learning fun and interesting for kids of all ages.

In this article we are going to explore the Kids Fun Learning app for educational and cool math solving games. This is a free app that you kids can use to play fun games and solve simple math problems. 

Learning Math Can Be fun - Download Free App To Learn
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Kids Fun Learning – Educational Cool Math Games

This app can be used by kids who range between 3 and 7 years old. It features lots of games that can teach your kids how to do simple division and multiplication for the advanced ages. 

It also teaches basic concepts of math that are important for all kids. While books are great for giving the theoretical concepts, this app interacts with the kids and teaches them at their level. They make learning fun for toddlers, preschoolers, those in kindergarten and a little older too. 

Main Features Of The App

Here are some of the things you should expect to find on this amazing app.

List of quizzes

The app teaches kids some fun ways of solving math problems and then tests them on what they have learned. Therefore, expect to find all sorts of quizzes for kids which helps you and your child understand what is being learned from the app.

This is an ongoing practice and your child will be required to arrange numbers to get the right answers and win some stickers. They are usually generated automatically, so they answer different questions all the time. This is also a fun game that ensures they are never bored.

Numbered names

This is a game that helps the butterfly reach its set number of flowers. It consists of the same number each time that are in the images on the right side of the screen. The game helps children improve their counting skills.

Tens and ones

This is a very important lesson in school. Kids must understand the place value of numbers and the first class is usually tens and ones. They are required to arrange beads, one after the other.

The even odd

In this game, kids learn about odd and even numbers. The concept is a fun way of using the animated frog game.


To learn about fractions, the kids use a pizza, and who doesn’t love pizza. The app cuts the delicious pizza into different triangles, and kids are able to understand fractions and have so much fun at the same time.

The add me up game

This game adds fish to the aquarium when your child touches a fish on screen. Can you imagine how interesting it can be for the little one? Every time they touch a fish it gets added to the big aquarium. It is a fun way of teaching them how to add things.

Cut it off

Each time they touch a shape as per the instructions, it is removed from the total. This therefore gives them a new total and teaches them how to subtract things.

Doubles and halves

The kids may be confused about halves and how to differentiate them from doubles . This app makes it very easy to learn this concept by use of dots and a ladybug. In the end, it becomes very easy for them to understand everything.

Learning Math Can Be fun - Download Free App To Learn
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


This really is a great development tool for the kids, and it is good for you as well as you will be able to relax and leave the heavy lifting to the app. The app also comes with plenty of other mini-games for young children. The games help your child get a step up in their math game.