Learn to Sing While Playing – Download This App on Your Phone Now

Singing while playing a musical instrument such as a guitar is one of the most coveted skills in the music industry.

The first thing you need to know how when you wish to learn to sing and play at the same time is to sing. The singing comes first, and then the instrument follows.

The reason behind this is that you will need to learn a song to play it. When you sing the song many times, you can follow the lyrics with the guitar playing.

So, if you have been having trouble with the first, part, do not worry, the SingTrue app can teach you how to sing well, and perfect your tune and pitch.

Learn to Sing While Playing - Download This App on Your Phone Now
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SingTrue: Learn to Sing in Tune, Pitch Perfect

This app can teach you to sing even if you do not believe that you are a good singer. It was actually selected by iTunes as the app to teach you how to sing and play musical instruments.

Other reviews the app has received include – The New York times called it an easy to use app, the Appolicious.com site called it the perfect app, and the AppPicker.com said it was an amazing, user friendly and effective app.

Features of the App

The app comes with more than 30 interactive exercises and can help you learn how to sing confidently and effectively, plus you can do it in perfect tune. It also allows you to use the phone’s microphone and signal processing to learn how to sing.

You should spend a few minutes learning how to practice with the app’s exercises every day in order to rapidly become a confident singer.

If you are already a musician, then this app will help train your ears and your voice so you can be creative, confident and more musical. Their advanced exercises will help you identify notes easily by ear, and this will lead you to the point of even writing your own music and improvising with instruments easily.

They have plenty of exercises that have been created and designed by the experts in consultations with the leading vocal teachers in the country.

Steps that can Help you Learn Sing as You Play the Guitar

To start with, you must learn how to think of only one thing at a time. Understand that it is all about muscle memory, by remembering how hard it was to learn how to drive, and now you can even do it with your eyes closed (hypothetically speaking!).

Step 1 – Start by choosing an easy song, preferably one that you know all the lyrics of

It is very important when learning a new skill to start easy, then keep advancing step by step. So, if you wish to start learning how to play the guitar and sing at the same time, you should pick a very simple song such as three little birds, knocking on heaven’s door, feeling alright, blowing the wind, etc.

Step 2 – Ensure that you listen to the song over and over and over.

Do it at least 10 times in a row, and ensure that you focus on the song as often as you can. Do not just scratch the surface, but try and absorb the song. You can use your headphones so you can listen keenly.

Step 3 – Start learning the guitar part of the song.

Once you have listened well to the song, now start learning the guitar part and practice this. You can play the guitar along with the original recording of the song. If you are struggling, work on it nonstop till you get it right.

Step 4 –Try to play the song on the guitar while having a conversation.

You can tell if you have got the song right if you can play it on the guitar while having a conversation at the same time.

Learn to Sing While Playing - Download This App on Your Phone Now
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Just keep repeating the steps as much as you can, so you can perfect the art. Nothing comes easy in life, and if your wish is to sing while playing a musical instrument, then get ready for some very serious commitment to the learning process. All the best!