Learn To Read: Free Apps For Kids

Reading is one of the most essential skills for kids to learn. In fact, it is a mandatory skill. In the world today, you cannot get away with a lack of writing and reading skills. As such, it is a good idea to teach your kids how to read early.

You can never go wrong by teaching your kid to read early. This prepares them for their future, and it is something they will have to master to make it in school. It’s such a joy to see your kid read fluently, and it also makes your life so much better and easier.

In a bid to make the lives of parents easier all over the world, we came up with a list of some of the best reading apps you can use for your kid. In this review, we take a look at some of these apps and tell you why you should consider them. Let’s get started.

Learn To Read: Free Apps For Kids
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Reading Raven

This is one of the best and easiest apps to use. It is available on both iOS and Android devices and features a step-by-step curriculum that allows your child to learn how to read at their own pace.

It is also an extremely comfortable app to use and helps the child understand the meaning of different words. Also, it comes with multi-sensory games that kids will find fun and engaging. The app involves a phonics-based approach that enhances the learning experience further.

The reading raven app is ideal for kids who are between the ages of 3 and 7.

Montessori Crosswords

The whole idea behind this app is to develop their reading skills with the Montessori learning method. Other than helping your kid to learn how to read, the app has crossword puzzles that are ideal in helping your kid improve both spelling and writing skills.

The app is designed in such a way that the child understands the meaning of words and the made-up sounds as well. It helps them memorize the sounds. The app comes with a set of 320 word-image and audio phonic combinations that your kid can use to learn a lot from.

Marbleminds Phonics

Reading is all about understanding different letters and the sounds they make. This app will give your child emphasis on the sounds and the letters. It will also teach your kid the fundamentals of reading.

It is fun to use, and the exercises are clear and concise enough for the child. With over 100 images and phonics, it is one of the best apps around.

Bob Books Reading Magic Lite

This is app is based on an app that has worked wonders for millions of kids around the world. Its phonics-based version comes with a simple drag and drop interface that will excite kids.

The characters come together in very colorful animations that will encourage your kid to learn all the necessary reading skills.

Word Magic

This app was nominated for the Best Educational app award in 2009. That just shows you how good it is. It comes equipped with funny and attractive images in a simple design that enhances the learning experience.

The child will get excited by the real voices that come on each time they get an answer right. Once they get five correct answers, the app changes color automatically.

Martha Speaks Dog Party

This app features a common dog character named Martha, which comes from the popular PBS KIDS SERIES – Martha Speaks. This character will help the kids bolster their oral vocabulary through the words they use every day.

The Martha Speaks app is designed with some excellent features that will certainly help your child understand how to read and the meanings behind the words they are reading when they hear them, which is the most important thing.

Learn With Homer

This app won the 2015 Teacher’s Choice Gold Award. It was designed based on Stanford and Harvard research that revealed that it can increase your child’s reading score by more than 74%.

The app has more than 100 hours of reading lessons that the child can learn from all on their own. The fact that there is new content on the app each week makes it one of the best and most ideal for kids who want to learn how to read.

Learn To Read: Free Apps For Kids
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


Regardless of the app you choose, make sure it is an app that contains all of the required features to help your child learn how to read. The added images, music, and animations make the apps fun for the kids. Download these apps today to help your child learn!