Learn How To Order Free Samples Of Baby Food From Your Phone

Did you know that you can get free samples of baby food by simply clicking on a few buttons on your phone? Yes. It is actually possible. There are plenty of companies willing to send you samples of their latest products that you can use to feed your baby.

They offer all sorts of foods from full-sized jars to baby formula. This is surprisingly all free. You must however qualify for some of these samples, such as being in the low-income level, if it is a government app.

You will have to make a few calls, or send emails to baby food companies for samples. And you can also use coupons to get free baby food. Once you are done requesting samples, and clipping coupons, you can also check various sites for the free stuff. Up next, we’re going to give you some details. 

Learn How To Order Free Samples Of Baby Food From Your Phone
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How To Get Free Samples Of Baby Food

There are plenty of online companies that give free baby formula samples and other baby samples regularly. These companies operate on the hope that after you try their free samples, you will purchase their products. Check out the list below to find companies that will provide you with samples.


You can get some free samples of Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula, the Enfagrow toddler transitions formula, the Enfamil infant formula and the Enfamil newborn nursette bottles. Additionally, you can also get free formula checks, belly badges, special offers and expert tips.


When you join the Strong Moms Reward programs of Similac, you get a whole bag full of free stuff for your baby such as coupons, formula samples and plenty of expert nutritional advice and guidance.

Nestle Baby

The Nestle Baby program gives you a free welcome kit that features some instant formula and plenty of other nutritional samples for your baby. They also have special offers, coupons, nutritional guidance and many more.

How To Get Free Formula

Direct from the source

Sometimes you just need to go right to the source. You will be surprised to learn that most formula companies are more than willing to give people free formula, coupons and samples in a bid to get you to try out their products.

What you need to do is register with the companies and then wait for them to send you the free samples and coupons. Here is a list of companies that will do this.

  • Gerger
  • Parent’s choice
  • Nature’s own
  • Members Mark.

If they do not send you the free samples after joining their programs, you can simply pick up the phone and give them a call. If they are convinced that you are a potential client, they will be more than willing to send you some free samples.

You can call your doctor’s office for samples

Most pediatric and OB-GYN offices tend to have lots of free stuff such as formula and baby food and they are more than willing to give them out for free. The process of getting this stuff is simply asking for it from the doctor.

You may find yourself leaving the doctor’s office with big bags full of free food besides the formula, you can also find lots of other freebies such as free diapers, free baby magazines, and more.

Find some free food from the WIC – Women, Infant and Children.

This is a government program that offers plenty of free stuff for new mothers such as formula, diapers, and food. You must however qualify for the goodies by showing proof that you are low-income. For government products, you can log on to the app and check whether you qualify for the foods.

Food banks

Food banks provide free food and drinks to everyone. They also have lots of personal baby stuff and items such as diapers and other accessories. Their food pantries are usually filled with a variety of things. 

To get these foods, all you have to do is call your local food bank and check whether they have stocked the foods you want, and also whether or not you qualify for the foods.

Learn How To Order Free Samples Of Baby Food From Your Phone
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


If you find yourself in a fix, you can use the ideas we have outlined above to get some free samples of baby food. Also, if you want to try out a new product for your baby, many companies making baby food are always willing to send you samples.