Learn How to Make Stickers on WhatsApp

Finally, after a long wait, WhatsApp has added a feature that lets you create, send, and receive stickers on the platform from your friends. This has been available on most other messaging apps for a while now, and WhatsApp was simply lagging behind.

This new feature, however, comes with exciting possibilities, where you are able to create your own stickers. The best way to get started is by downloading the WhatsApp application on your phone. From there, you’ll discover the brand new features that allow you to keep up with your friends in fun, virtual ways. 

With the app, you can create packs of stickers in under 5 minutes using your Android or iPhone, and the process is quite easy. Read on to learn how.

Learn How to Make Stickers on WhatsApp
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Where do you start?

Now, it’s good to know that on the WhatsApp website, there are plenty of sample apps they have provided for you that you can use to create the stickers. These help you create packs of stickers so you can use them as you wish.

Also, please note that the 3rd party sticker apps also work very well, but since you do not know their origin, they may not be granted permission in WhatsApp. It is also wise to think twice before using the third-party apps, as they can easily cause you more harm than good.

Here’s how you can create the WhatsApp Stickers on your Android phone.

If you are currently using an Android smartphone, kindly follow the following steps to create your own stickers. For iPhone users, the alternative process follows.

  • First, you need to download an app known as “Sticker maker” app on the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the app in order to create a new sticker pack.
  • Name the pack and then add the author name on the pack, just in case you may want to be credited for creating the stickers.
  • You will then see around 30 titles on the next screen. Tap on any of these so they can open the gallery, take a photo, and select a file from the available pictures. The first time you tap on this, you’ll be able to take a picture and then the second time it will open to a gallery. Finally, you get to select the images from the file manager.
  • Next, you cut the images into the shapes you want by selecting freehand to be able to draw them manually or the crop option to design them as you wish.
  • After you are done with that step, tap on the “yes” button so you can save the sticker.
  • Finally, once you have three stickers added, tap on Add to WhatsApp. This will give you a confirmation message on your screen that they have been added.
  • Now open your WhatsApp application, and when you tap on the emoji icon, then stickers icon on the bottom part of your screen, you will see that the new pack of stickers are the last ones on the list.
  • If you wish to delete the pack, simply tap on the three dotted icon on the top right, and then choose delete.

Here’s how to make WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone.

  • First, you need to download the Bazaart app on your phone.
  • Next, you need to open the app and then either tap on Open Photo or Start New.
  • You will then use the tools on the app to create a new sticker. You can edit the stickers into the shapes you want by using the dialogue boxes, and many other options are available on the on-screen tools.
  • Once you have finished, tap on the Share icon and then select WhatsApp.
  • The app will ask you to add a name just in case you wish to take credit for the stickers, and then on the next screen, you’ll tap on “add to WhatsApp”.
  • The stickers will be added to WhatsApp, and when you open the app, you’ll simply tap on the sticker icon, which is found where you send the messages, and your stickers will show up right there.
  • Bazaart is very easy to use and allows you to update on your stickers as much as you wish. All you have to do is repeat the above steps if you want to add some more.
  • This is also a free app with iPhones, and there are many features for you to use.
Learn How to Make Stickers on WhatsApp
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


Texting really has never been this much fun. Being able to create whichever stickers you want to create takes your texting game to a whole new level, and everyone will enjoy seeing the kinds of stickers you come up with, so have fun and enjoy this new feature!