Learn How to Make a Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine – Watch the Video

Have you ever desired a coke machine in your home but knew that installation would probably cost you a lot of money? 

Thanks to the power of video production, by following this incredible tutorial, you can now make your very own DIY soda fountain with up to three different flavors right at home’s comfort! 

Isn’t it exciting? Watch this video tutorial linked below and we will lay down the facts for you! 

Learn How to Make a Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine - Watch the Video
Image Source: The Q Youtube Channel. 

Importance of Creating DIY Projects at Home

Your labor is free with a DIY project! Stock costs are always the main expense. Simultaneously, when you are new to DIY ventures you can make material buying errors that could potentially be budget breakers, so choose carefully and shop wisely.  

If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to start a major DIY project; consider beginning a smaller one. It would be easier to undertake a project limited to a small space in your home or one that can be completed in a weekend without you getting discouraged. 

It’s a priority to consider including the whole family too! If you have kids, think about which parts of the project they would enjoy contributing to. Be sure to consider only easy, secure, and suitable activities for your children’s ages.

You need to imagine the end product of your new project using your imagination. The optimal result can be visualized. What steps do you take to help you get there? What skills are you trying to learn, and what tools can help you understand the process? 

Good preparation and management skills will make the project not just a list of shopping and construction supplies and objectives. Math skills may be necessary – particularly in this amazing DIY project we’re about to do! Watch this video and follow the steps.

Materials You Need

To make this fantastic soda fountain, you need the following materials.

  • Cardboard
  • Battery 1- 9V
  • DC 6V mini air pump motor
  • 3 x Push button switch
  • 2 tubes thin and thick one

How to Create a Coca-Cola Soda Fountain Machine: Step-by-Step

Step 1

First, prepare the DC 6V mini air pump motor. See 00:30 as the tutorial shows you how to prepare this part. Solder this to 3 batteries.

Step 2

Drill a smaller hole on the soda cap and one bigger on the bottom part of the cap (see 1:08). Attach the tubes on each size.  Superglue this to make sure nothing spills.

Step 3

Attach the other sides of the tubes in the battery. When you press the button, the other side of the tube will expel the liquid.

Step 4

Cut the cardboard and superglue them together. This machine should look like a mini drawer (see 2:16).

Step 5

Carefully drill three holes on top of the cardboard. Place the 3 sodas inside and the tubes while covering each caps. Assemble these properly (see 3:00).

Step 6

Cover the sodas on top.

Step 7

Label each soda per flavor.

Step 8

Try out your new soda machine by pressing the button in front of it (see 3:29). 

All done!

When you do this with your friends and family, both online and in-person, your efforts and accomplishments can be perfect starting points for discussion.

If you’re shy, you can be helped out of your social comfort zone by being able to chat about your projects. By sharing experiences with others, and also by exploring the expertise of others, you’ll learn a lot.

Learn How to Make a Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine - Watch the Video
Image Source: The Q Youtube Channel. 


Learning a new skill stimulates your brain, and gaining additional expertise will keep you going into bigger, more comprehensive DIY ventures as your confidence grows. Putting everything you’ve learned in DIY projects together and reusing it is called “cumulative learning,” and making you more knowledgeable. 

And don’t deny it, this project was fun. Right? Creating your own soda machine isn’t that hard, especially when you have materials at home! Start crafting your own machine now!