Learn How to Freeze Baby Food – See Step by Step

Homemade DIY baby food is a wonderful idea to prepare rich and delicious food that babies can take delight in. Food made of fresh produce is not only loaded with nutrients but is also cost-effective in comparison to the store-bought baby food jars.

For most of the people, the homemade baby food idea can look daunting with all the cooking, washing, etc. but a secret trick can help you excel. So, rather than spending time in the kitchen daily, this trick will help you to stay out of the kitchen and would let you spend more time with your baby.

Your freezer is the key to a healthy, delicious homemade meal for your baby. Here’s a guide on how to freeze baby food 101 along with some tips too.

Learn How to Freeze Baby Food - See Step by Step

Quick Overview of How to Freeze Baby Food

First, cut, boil, smash, or just cook your batch of proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Then make your puree and let it cool down a bit. Transfer the purees to your freezing container and flash freeze them. You can either transfer them to a zip lock bag or freeze it in glass jars. Finally, take them out the day you need them.

Freezing Baby Food

Way 1: In Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays can come handy when you want to serve small portions. You can also jazz it up a little by creating exciting combinations.

  • Thoroughly clean your ice-cube tray and spoon and put your prepared baby food into it.
  • Then, flash freeze the ice-cube so that the puree cubes firm up.
  • Once they are firm, put them into zip-lock bags and put them in the freezer.
  • Thaw it and serve it whenever you have to set a meal for your little one.

Way 2: Silicone Mini-Muffin Pans

The silicone mini-muffin pans offer flexibility that makes it easy for the puree to pop out easily. This method of freezing baby food is similar to the first one.

  • Spoon your homemade baby food in silicone mini-muffin pans and flash freeze it.
  • Then, transfer it to zip-top bags and store them.
  • Thaw it and then warm it to serve your little one a delicious meal.

Way 3 – Baking Tray

If you don’t have a silicone muffin cups or an ice-cube tray with a lid, you can also use the baking sheet or cookie sheet.

  • Just scoop out your prepared homemade baby food and then lay them out on the sheet. Cover the entire baking sheet with a plastic wrap and freeze them until firm.
  • Next, shift those portions to a zip-lock bag like before and take it out to feed your little one.

Way 4 – Freezer Safe Jars

Another great way to keep your baby food fresh is by keeping it in a heat-safe glass jar. First, scoop your food into the jars and then put it away in the freezer. You are set to serve it the next time your kid cries out for a meal.

Be careful of the jars you choose to use for storing your baby food. If it’s not a shock-proof or heatproof jar, it may break. So, try to get hold of some good jars to keep your baby food safe.

Storing the Baby Food

You can store the purees for three to four days in an airtight container or zip lock bag in the fridge. Don’t forget to label the container/bag so that you keep track of the time and the ingredients.

Thawing the Baby Food

Thawing may seem like a no-brainer, but here’s how you can do it better. First of all, take the frozen cubes out of your freezer and place them in a glass container. Microwave in 20-second increments to warm it up.

You can also warm it up on a saucepan. Gently thaw the food on medium-low heat until warm by stirring occasionally.

Learn How to Freeze Baby Food - See Step by Step


Homemade baby food is not only nutritious and a cost-effective option, but it equally cuts down your effort to make food in small portions every day. So, spend more time with your kid and click as many photos as possible.