Kohl’s Credit Card – How To Request Online?

With over 1,000 store locations around the world, most people probably have a Kohl’s credit card to help them make purchases. If you do not have one, we are here to help by showing you the process of applying for one.

The Kohl’s credit card, which is issued by Capital One Bank, is pretty popular. It has plenty of benefits such as rewards and discounts, introductory offers that save you plenty of money, convenience, and the ability to become one of their MVCs –Most Valued Customers.

It is, however, important to also consider the drawbacks of the card; you can only use the card in Kohl stores, it has a very high APR, and also comes with a complex rewards system. Learn more about this credit card offer below.

Kohl’s Credit Card - How To Request Online?
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Here Are The Steps Of Ordering A Kohl’s Card Online

The first step is to visit the Kohl’s website and click on the “Apply now” button. This will open up to a new page for you to sign up. Before signing up, however, you should read their privacy and security policies to understand more about the company.

They will then request that you provide some of your personal information such as your name, telephone number, address, date of birth, social security number and email address. Finally, click on the “apply now” button to continue.

Fill out the application form section, and ensure to provide information for all the areas marked with an asterisk. Also, enter the verification information section and check the box for “sign up for sale alerts” if you are interested in that.

Before you complete the form, review the information you have provided, and ensure that everything is accurate. Also, check on the fine print at the bottom of the form, and check on the related box to read their credit card agreement.

Finally, wait for the confirmation. On the confirmation page, Kohl will alert you if your application was successful.

Here’s What You Need To Know About This Card

One of the main benefits of having this card are that you can save up to 25% on your first purchase after getting the card. Also, you can enjoy at least 12 offers each year, and a 15% discount when the card arrives.

The card charges $0 in annual fees, but their APR when repaying is 27.24%. Additionally, if you are late on payments, you will be charged a late fee of up to $37.

Now, this card is a bit different from other cards because it does not give you a discount on everyday purchases. Instead, what you get is 12 offers per year. The company defines its special offers as additional discounts.

Cardholders usually receive their offers in the form of coupons that arrive in the mail once each month. When you scratch the coupons, they reveal either a 15% or a 20% or a 30% discount on purchases during a specified period.

The offers are restricted to fragrance, gift cards, select electronics, prestige brands for skincare and cosmetics, premium sunglasses, consumables, sporting goods, and sports merchandise from Columbia, Nike, Dyson, Under Armour and many others.

Though there are restrictions, they include almost all their products on the discounts list. For a full list of everything on offer, kindly log on to the Kohl’s website.

One other benefit we had mentioned earlier is the opportunity to become an MVC- which stands for Most Valued Customer. As an MVC, you get an additional six special offers when you spend more than $600. This brings the total to 18 great discounts.

Kohl’s Credit Card - How To Request Online?
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This card has more benefits than drawbacks. You get receipt-free returns for any purchases you make with the card and advance notification of all sales events which puts you right on track for great savings.

For people who shop constantly at Kohl’s, this is the best thing for you. Not only will you get to use their great discounts, but you will also benefit in many other ways from using this card. Since it is free to apply for the card, it doesn’t hurt having it.