Know About the Average Week to Give Birth for the First Time

Expecting a baby is one of the best things that can happen to a parent. But, there are a lot of things that a first-time mom should be expecting with this regard.

For example, when it comes to the due date, this can present a bit of stress for any given pregnancy. And, with every pregnancy being different and special in its way, it’s wise to be well prepared.

If you’re interested in knowing when your baby is likely to come, you should read below. You can also find out if there are any dangers of your delivery date coming in later than the anticipated date. Read on to learn more.

Know About the Average Week to Give Birth for the First Time
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Don’t Focus on Your Due Date

Before you get down to the whole idea of your due date, you should first and foremost, learn to manage your expectation. There’s a lot of anxiety when you visit the doctor for the first time and you’re given a rough estimate on when you’re likely to deliver. 

This is a rough estimate, especially for first-timers, as your body tries to get used to the idea of you being pregnant. And, there are a lot of factors that come to the forefront, such as age, hormones, among others. 

Failure to manage your expectation during your pregnancy can leave you disappointed. You need to try to stay away from the thought of your due date, but rather try focusing on the delivery week instead. The week is easier to predict than the specific day – considering you’ll be giving birth naturally.

If you have a planned caesarian section, then that’s a whole different idea. So, what is the average week, in your pregnancy, that you’re likely going to give birth? Here are a few ideas on what most doctors are likely to recommend as the week you can go into labor.

An Estimate of the Average Week

First of all, as a first-time mother, you need to know that any date after 38 weeks of your pregnancy, is considered a full-term pregnancy. That means that after that time, your child is fully developed and able to survive outside your womb. 

And, this can get you into a rush as you’ll always have the thought of “anytime now” after those 38 weeks. But, if you ask any doctor across the globe, the due date for any pregnancy is set at 40 weeks. 

This is the average time for most normal pregnancies and this is when you’re likely to be scheduled for a caesarian section if it’s what you choose. When you’re having your first child, the term is different from the 40 weeks average for a lot of pregnancies.

More on the Average Week

Know About the Average Week to Give Birth for the First Time
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The average delivery week for any first-time mom should be around 40 weeks and around 41 weeks and 1 day. But, you’re unlikely to give birth at 40 weeks if it’s your first time. Your pregnancy, as a first-time mom, should take a whole 41 weeks to be ready to deliver naturally.

It can also go further than the 41 weeks but that’s highly unlikely as only 10% of new mothers go past the 41 weeks and 1-day mark with their pregnancy. And this is quite normal and safe for those who go past the due date set by the doctors – they’ll initially have you at 40 weeks.


Pregnancies are unpredictable as they are special and different for every woman who goes through it. The week you’re likely to give birth isn’t something that’s set on stone, especially as a first-time mother. 

But, you should expect to deliver anywhere between the 41st week of your pregnancy. Though rare, it can be earlier by a week or later by a week.