Is It Safe to Get a Mammogram While Breastfeeding? Find Out More

As a mother, you want to make sure that your child gets the best of everything, from the right kind of material for their clothes and bedding to the best nutrient-dense food. This is why many mothers who can breastfeed choose to do so.

However, if you also need to take care of your health to ensure that you can take care of your baby optimally – with your partner’s help, of course. Those with a history of breast cancer in their family may want to get checked for any irregularities.

Because you are nursing, you might be hesitating to get a mammogram, thinking that it can affect safety while baby feeding. Know more about this by checking out this simple guide.

Is It Safe to Get a Mammogram While Breastfeeding? Find Out More

Is It Safe to Get a Mammogram While Breastfeeding?

The simple answer is yes, you can get a mammogram even when you are nursing. Experts recommend getting one especially if you are advised by a health professional to do so. This way, you can eliminate worries about irregularities or address any existing issues.

Now, if you are thinking that the radiation from the check-up will affect your baby’s milk supply, you will be glad to know that this procedure uses low radiation. It is the same type of radiation used for x-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs.

This means that getting the procedure is definitely not harmful or dangerous to you or your baby’s safety. In fact, getting a mammogram when recommended is the smart thing to do for you and your baby’s benefit.

Some Precautions to Take

Getting checked out while nursing is certainly safe. However, this does not mean you can operate in the same way as you would if you were not breastfeeding. To ensure breastfeeding safety for you and your baby, make sure to take necessary precautions. Here’s what you should do. 

Nurse or Pump Beforehand

When your breasts are full of milk, they have a tendency to swell and leak, which can lead to discomfort during the test. Pumping before the procedure will aid in lessening uneasiness.

Moreover, it will help your doctor do the process smoothly. This is because your breast tissues will be softer after removing milk from them.

Tell Your Doctor

It is always best to tell your doctor about what is going on in your body, especially if you feel any irregularities such as lumps, bumps and other warning signs. 

As you are breastfeeding, your breasts tend to have denser glands and tissues, which can make it difficult to find abnormalities. By telling your doctor that you are lactating, they will be able to take the right steps to ensure proper reading of your mammogram.

This includes giving yours to a radiologist that specializes in reading mammograms of lactating and breastfeeding women. With this, you can expect an accurate reading.

Keep Calm

Getting this test done can be nerve-wracking, especially if breast cancer or any forms of cancer runs in your family. However, you should always keep calm before, during and after the procedure.

This way, you can keep a clear head, which can help you remember the things you should tell your doctor. This way, you can also ask your doctor the right questions and get real professional advice you can use. 

Is It Safe to Get a Mammogram While Breastfeeding? Find Out More

The Bottom Line

Being a breastfeeding mother changes the way you think about a lot of things like what you eat, the activities you partake in and even something like getting a mammogram. But if you have been worried about that mammogram, rest assured that it is certainly safe for you and your baby.