Instagram Feed Tips – How to Download and Use the Preview App to Get Organized

Social media is a beautiful, yet whimsical place. It can get you 2 seconds of fame in an instant, but the next second it can also tarnish your image without any chances of redemption. This means that you need to tread carefully on social media networks

Instagram being one of the most famous and popular channels to build your public image, also comes under the scanner for it’s ability to make any content go viral in hours. But, if you need to get out there and popularize your content, it requires planning and extrapolation. 

We will talk about an Instagram Feed planner application that provides the perfect visibility of your feed before the post goes live. Care to know more about the Preview app for Instagram? Read on to learn more about it.

Instagram Feed Tips - How to Download and Use the Preview App to Get Organized

What Is the Preview App All About?

The Preview app is a visual Instagram planner that provides exclusive access to your Instagram feed. However, nothing is live or shared on the main Instagram account. This is a planner app for Instagram, allowing you to sort your profile images and feed in your own way. 

This is done irrespective of the time and date of publishing your content on the feed. Furthermore, with smart analytics and reporting, it will be easier to identify the hashtags that will accrue the maximum exposure. 

In a nutshell, the Preview app is all about improving your Instagram feed with smart features to ensure better outreach, publicity, and exposure. 

Ingenious Features That Will Help You Improve Instagram Performance

The best part about this app is that there is no limit on uploading the content for your profile. Add as many pictures as you want and arrange to give the best impression of your feed to the viewers. 

Added to this, the app all also takes care of your photo editing needs. There are more than 100 filters available in the app. You can transform your pictures to make them look prettier, more dapper, and visually appealing. 

Furthermore, the Preview app gives you access to well researched and shortlisted hashtags relevant to your profile and photo. Hashtags work like magic, provided you use them in the right light. They will let the right people get access to your content. 

Other Features of the Preview App

So, no more adding hashtags blindly hoping to get good reviews, use them right, and get guaranteed response from the interested audience. The Preview app is not only a great place to get a preview of your glamorous profile, but it is also a credible business tool. 

We say this because, if you are running a business on Instagram, like selling products, or some other service, you will need to add the perfect and resonating CTA, quotes, captions, and other such stuff apart from hashtags. 

This application has thousands of templates for captions, quotes, and CTAs. It is all about adding the right words with the right picture, and the Preview app is the best place to do so. 

Downloading and Using the Application

Instagram Feed Tips - How to Download and Use the Preview App to Get Organized

The Preview App is available on the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play store for Android users. It is free to download and use. There are no in-app purchases or any other sort of subscription model to avail services. 

The most significant advantage of using the application is its ability to add multiple accounts and integration with multiple users. So, if you have a social media team handling your PR, they can use the application to post only that relevant, attractive content and bound to get results. 

Lastly, it is also possible to monitor your account’s growth and performance vis a vis the posts you share. This helps the user deliver better content to the followers and get more attention on the profile. 


Any social media application determines that what you share online must be good, relevant, and appealing to audiences. To realize these three attributes of good content, you need an application, like the Preview app that will help with everything.