These Are The Ways To Identify If You Are Pregnant

Have you been suspecting that you might be pregnant? Well, this happens to most women when they miss their period, or if they feel their breasts are a little tender. The best way to know for sure would be to take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor for a comprehensive series of tests that will give a definite answer.

However, even before you go to see a doctor or buy a pregnancy test, you should have noticed some common symptoms that go hand in hand with pregnancy. In this review, we take a look at the most common pregnancy symptoms and some not so common ones you may not know are associated with pregnancy.

Now, not all women experience pregnancy symptoms, and we have all read stories of people who did not even know they were pregnant until the second or third month. Just the other day, there was a woman in the news, who said that she went to the hospital to have a kidney stone removed and ended up finding that she was indeed pregnant and about to deliver. Instead of a kidney stone, she went home with a new baby.

These Are The Ways To Identify If You Are Pregnant
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The reason why such stories exist is that some women regularly experience irregular menses for some time or even some months. There are many reasons why a woman would miss her period, and we have mentioned these reasons below. Also, early pregnancy symptoms almost always mimic the symptoms of menstruation and can be very easy to miss.

Ways You Can Identify That You Are Pregnant

A Missed Period

This has got to be the most obvious pregnancy symptom. It is the reason why most women run to the drug store to buy a pregnancy test, but it’s important to note that not all missed periods are a sign of pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, don’t only rely on this symptom for a suspected pregnancy. There are many reasons why you would miss your period such as hormonal changes, stress, fatigue, discontinuing a specific birth control system, etc.

Cramping And Spotting

After conception, the egg that gets fertilized usually attaches itself to the wall of your uterus. This may cause you to have spotting and cramping. It’s nothing to worry about, although if you are already pregnant, you should see your doctor for a checkup. The cramping and spotting are known as implantation bleeding and occur from day six of your pregnancy until the twelfth day after fertilization. You may mistake this for menstrual cramps, or the start of your period.

Changes In Your Breasts

Breasts are yet another early sign of pregnancy. As your hormone levels change rapidly after conception, your breasts start to swell, become sore, and are tingly as well for a week or two. They may also start to feel a little weird to the touch, and they can be heavy, full and extremely tender, especially the area around the nipples which is known as the areola. Again, this is all due to the intense changes happening in your body, such as an increase in hormones.


You may be surprised to note that the first few months of pregnancy are characterized by intense fatigue. This may occur even before you confirm the pregnancy because it starts pretty early. As soon as the first week, most women will start to feel extremely fatigued, and the reason behind this is that their progesterone hormone has greatly increased.

Other Common Symptoms

Other common pregnancy symptoms include nausea, which is known as morning sickness, although not everyone experiences this. The main reason why women experience morning sickness is unknown, but scientists believe it is due to high hormonal levels. You may also experience frequent urination, which can occur from the sixth or eighth week of pregnancy. You may also have constipation due to the high levels of progesterone, mood swings which happen mostly in the first trimester, and dizziness.

Not all women experience these symptoms, and just because you do not have any or all of them, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not pregnant. Some women do not experience any of them and are still expecting.

Weird And Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

There are a few women who have been known to experience a few strange symptoms that are not common to everyone, such as waking up very hot, which can happen in the early days of your pregnancy, diarrhea, which is as a result of the pregnancy hormones, a stuffy nose, some vaginal discharge that should appear to be thick and milky, and a heightened sense of smell.

These Are The Ways To Identify If You Are Pregnant
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Regardless of whether you have the symptoms or not, the minute you miss your period and have been sexually active, it is wise to have yourself checked to confirm. Identifying that you are pregnant early is great for you because the doctors can immediately put you on pre-natal care that is extremely vital during pregnancy. The earlier you start, the better for your unborn child.