How to Sew a Simple Bow – See This Tutorial

With a new baby, you simply cannot have enough clothes and baby gear. Even when you buy clothes that are cute and adorable, you are still partial to colorful baby bows

It seems that her dress ensemble is incomplete without a colorful bow for every occasion. You know that a beautiful bow can turn your baby’s simple outfit into a work of art.

While there is an endless variety of bows in the market, you should not buy just any brand or style. Read on to learn how you can sew a simple bow in this article.

How to Sew a Simple Bow - See This Tutorial

Important Initial Tips

You will need to make sure that the bow is neither too tight nor too loose. Also, you will need to match the colors of her dresses with the bows that you buy. These should not be loose and become a safety hazard around her neck, especially when you are not around.

There is no need to buy expensive bows when you can make your own at home. You can use ribbons that you can spare, or soft fabric, as you will see in this tutorial. You will need a sewing machine and a thread and needle for making them gather at the center.

How to Make a Simple Bow 

First of all, take a rectangular piece of cloth about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Remember, the smaller the piece, the smaller your bow will be. Sew over the shorter sides so that these do not get frayed. 

Double the fabric over at the centerfold, with the shorter sides each folded on itself, one corner over the other. The next step is to stitch along the longer edges, leaving a small gap in the middle. Then, turn the fabric inside out through this gap and use pins to lift out the corners properly. 

Now, fold the piece over lengthwise to create a crease. On either side of this crease, stitch in a gather thread. Lock in the gather thread at the beginning, but not at the end. This is for you to be able to pull it by the loose threads.

Last Steps

Pick up only the upper threads and pull it gently to create the amount of gather that you want. Do not pull the lower of the loose threads. This will lock the threads in and you will not be able to create the gather as you want. 

Wrap the remaining thread around the gather. Use a ribbon (you can even use the same fabric if you want) and sew it over the gather. 

Other Gorgeous Bows

How to Sew a Simple Bow - See This Tutorial
Image Source: Poor Little It Girl

To make a stacked ribbon bow, you can use spare ribbons lying at home. Or, you can opt for a seamless bow; just make sure to use a material that is soft and comfortable for your baby. 

For this bow, you will need to put seams, but you can conceal these with a layer of fabric. This helps if you are not so confident about your stitching skills. 

Curled ribbon bows are quite popular with mothers and little children. Simply stitch the ribbon onto an old pencil and microwave it for one to two minutes. 

Curl enough ribbons like this and tie them in the middle to get a curled bow. You can also watch tutorials online for other types of beautiful bows.


Making a bow is so easy that once you get started, you just might go on a stitching spree! If you get your baby’s dresses hand-stitched, you must be having scraps of unused fabric lying around. 

To embellish your baby’s dresses with a perfectly matched bow, you can make good use of these pieces of fabric.