How to Send Free SMS with Way2SMS

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp are now genuinely popular because you no longer have to pay to send text messages. Nonetheless, both the sender and the receiver have to install the software, which is not always easy for these devices. 

Then, of course, there is the issue that all users need to be linked to the internet. If you’re trying to send a message in a place that doesn’t have internet access, then you can just use SMS to get to them.

There are also several ways you can send SMS messages for free. However, everything that is “free” also has a catch.

How to Send Free SMS with Way2SMS
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Why You Need This

Once you use any of these apps, make sure you know you can start receiving email and SMS advertising. If you are downloading any free SMS software, double-check the permissions list to see if it will violate your privacy. These services may offer marketing companies your contact information.

We also found many online services claiming to allow you to send and receive text messages online. We tried almost all of these, but with most, we were not even able to send a reply. The following programs did work reliably, however.

What is Way2SMS?

Launched in December 2006, has revolutionized PC to mobile messaging worldwide. It has grown into the world’s largest personal messaging network of users from 130 countries worldwide. According to the 2011 online research carried out by Juxt Consult s India, 54 percent of total netizens are engaged in PC to Mobile Messaging activity, and way2sms has nearly 80 percent market share in the segment.

Way2SMS lets users send text messages to any cell phone in the world. It is easy, faster, and more personal to send messages from Way2SMS. Above all, messages are delivered in just a few seconds. Thousands of SMS are sent every day via Way2SMS. Further, the numbers are quickly increasing.

Today the service hits 15 million SMS a day. That’s 500 per second on average during the hours of the day. They find each message highly time-sensitive, and in less than 10 seconds, they have optimized the platform to deliver every single message. The strong and highly scalable network can provide more than 2,000 messages a second.

Way2SMS was the first player to add PC to mobile messaging and continued the breakthrough with free mobile email notifications, IM integration, etc.

How to Use Way2SMS 

Text messages sent through Way2sms are delivered rapidly, although this service is not exceptional. It runs on mobile devices, desktop devices, and has an app running for Androids. A mobile website also makes it available across platforms.

However, it is very important to note that once the verification email is sent, the company bombards you with advertisements and promotional emails. 

We would also warn against using the Way2sms Android app; it needs an extensive list of permissions like “modify or remove your USB storage content,” “safe storage test access,” “read sensitive log data,” and “precise location.” The mobile website is fine, so you don’t have to use the app anyway.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for using this system.

  • Go to the website of Way2sms and build an account. You will be sent a password and a verification email on your mobile phone. To check your account and start sending free text messages, you will need to do it.
  • Download and log in to the website. Now press Send Free SMS. It will take you to a page where you are asked by Way2sms to attach contacts. It is not mandatory, but the website makes it look as though you can’t send an SMS without saving contacts on its servers. Tap the Send SMS button at the top right next to the home icon.
  • Enter the number of your friend, type in your message, and then press Send SMS.
  • The public service is 160by2, which was once a rival before Way2sms purchased it.

Nonetheless, it also operates independently and needs nothing as it has an extension to Chrome, so you can submit messages from your browser easily. Nevertheless, Way2sms is the better option overall, as its mobile app is much more accessible.

How to Send Free SMS with Way2SMS
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Positioning WAY2SMS as a 360 communication platform in a short time has helped them become 20 million strong. By bringing thoughts, feelings, and joy via SMS, Way2SMS has become an integral part of 20 million people’s lives.