How to Make Sweet Popcorn – Delicious Recipe

Sweet popcorn is always so delicious and perfect for children’s parties and movie nights at home, and our sweet popcorn recipe is super easy to make. If you are used to microwaving your popcorn all the time because of the ease, why not take a break with some simple sweet popcorn, which takes just minutes to whip up. 

As a mother, you are always looking for fun ways to make your kids happy and keep them entertained. Popcorn has always been a classic snack especially when you are all just sitting at home wanting something to just snack on.

But if you have never made sweet popcorn for you kids, you don’t know what you have been missing. Salty popcorn has its place in the world, a big place at that. But making sweet popcorn is a science in itself and you can get as creative as you want. Up next we’re going to tell you how to make sweet popcorn in a snap. 

How to Make Sweet Popcorn - Delicious Recipe
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You can totally get the whole family involved when making this recipe. Just keep the little kids away from the hot popping popcorn pot.

The Ingredients

For Plain Popcorn

½ cup popcorn kernels 

3 tbsp vegetable oil 

Sweet Butter Popcorn ingredients

⅓ cup butter 

¼ cup granulated sugar 

2 tbsp additional sugar 

How To Make Sweet Popcorn

Start by heating the oil in a heavy pan and then add a few of the kernels to test the heat. If they all pop, then the pan is hot enough and you can add the rest. You can also use canola oil or any other vegetable oil you wish to use. 

If you have the microwave popcorn, you can also use it by simply putting it in the microwave and then go on to the next step.

When cooking the popcorn kernels, always remove the pan from the heat first, and then add another ½ cup of the kernels and then wait around 30 seconds then put it back to medium heat. This delay helps them reach an even temperature so they can all pop at the same time.

Adding the sugar

Once the first kernels start popping, add in the granulated white sugar and shake them well. Wait until they start popping again, then heat until the popping slows down and mix well. Heat slowly until you can hear the kernels are popping one at a time, and then pour the popcorn into a bowl and set them aside.

Remember that sugar can burn quite quickly so be careful with this last step so you don’t get burnt popcorn.

Melting the butter

In a pan, stir together the butter and 2 tbsps of granulated sugar. Heat this and keep stirring until they melt fully and then simmer for a little while so they can form a caramel sauce. You can also melt this in the microwave for a short time.

If you want a very thick sauce, you can add golden syrup instead of the sugar, and you can then put this on the normal popcorn instead of the already sugared popcorn as we have already done.

Add a little salt to the mixture for added taste. Not only will this add its own flavor but it will also make the popcorn taste even better because of that balance of sweet and salty.

Pouring the glaze

You can then proceed to pour the glaze over the previously cooked popcorn. Stir the mixture first until it’s nice and smooth before pouring it into the bowl, and you can then wait a few minutes before you eat it so the glaze will have cooled down and the popcorn will be crisp and delicious.

How to Make Sweet Popcorn - Delicious Recipe
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You can try out this recipe with your family, and remember there is always room for creativity so feel free to add other things. Some of the things we like to add are nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and sometimes even sprinkles for Friday night fun. Happy munching!